Below Deck’s Rayna Lindsey: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck‘ is a reality series that chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a luxurious yacht as it sails around beautiful locations throughout the world. In season 9, that spot is St. Kitts, but the crew doesn’t really get to rest and enjoy the gorgeous locale since they’re continually navigating their personal and professional issues. Amongst them is new deckhand Rayna Lindsey, who brings a lot to the table in this installment. So now, if you’re interested to learn more about her, we’ve got all the details for you.

Rayna Lindsey’s Age and Background

Born on January 20, 1994, in Minnesota, Rayna Lindsey seems incredibly proud of her roots. We don’t know much about her father, but we can confidently state that she’s very close to the rest of her family. She has reportedly talked a little about how similar she is to her grandmother in terms of attitude, style, and independence, which she appreciates. Rayna also doesn’t mind showing off her connection with her mother, Jody Grace, and her younger siblings. Her sister and brother are both athletes.

Rayna Lindsey’s Professional Life

After graduating from Augsburg University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Rayna Lindsey served as a marketing coordinator in her home state for a couple of years before relocating to Cordova, Alaska. There, with her passion for travel and adventure, Rayna began working as a deckhand for daily charter trips and became exceptionally good at her job. From vessel maintenance to customer service to docking procedures, she learned and surpassed expectations at them all. However, because she yearns for new experiences at every step of the way, she left in 2019, only to migrate to Florida and begin her career with Club Med.

“If you know anything about me, you know Traveling makes me happy; it’s my life,” Rayna wrote in July 2019. “You’d also know how important it is for me to be independent and go after what I want. It’s crazy, but I’m really out here chasing my dreams, and that alone makes me so happy… Off to Port. St. Lucie, FL, to start a career with Club Med. Wish me luck ✨” Here, she models for the organization, is in charge of a team and a few programs, and even serves as a host for different entertainment events. Moreover, Rayna is an advanced scuba diver and a yacht chef.

Rayna Lindsey’s Dating Life

Rayna Lindsey previously spoke of a loving boyfriend on her social media platforms, but he hasn’t been explicitly mentioned since 2019. Thus, we’re not too sure whether she is still in a relationship with him or not. The one thing we will say, though, is that she genuinely seemed to be in love at that point. “My boyfriend sent me this picture off of his crab boat and I must say I’m ready grub 🦀😋,” Rayna penned in February 2019. A month later, on Facebook, she said, “Vacationing with the man I love [is] everything.”

Traveling is Rayna’s main priority right now, so she needs a partner who can match up. If he does, we’re sure they can make things work, no matter what kind of outside pressure is placed upon them. For now, with this aspect being uncertain, we can only wish her the best for her future endeavors.

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