Benjamin Dempsey: Tough as Nails Star’s Wife is a Dental Hygienist

Image Credit: Benjamin Dempsey/Instagram

Mapping the journey of twelve self-sufficient virtuosos as they come together to test their proficiency, mastery and strength, ‘Tough as Nails,’ follows the battle of the mental and the physical. Season 5 of the CBS reality television show follows host Phil Keoghan guiding the contestants through a series of challenges designed to test their might and strength. Like its predecessors, season 5 of ‘Tough as Nails’ has also brought a number of vivid personalities. Benjamin Dempsey is one of the stars of the show whose endurance and mettle have intrigued many. So, if you’re also wondering more about the reality show star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Benjamin Dempsey Hails From Halifax

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Benjamin spent his formative years with his family and sibling, getting acquainted with nature and inculcating a handful of skills. An uncle to two nephews, Benjamin spends considerable time with his family even now. In addition to acquiring skills like fishing, Benjamin also spent his early years learning at J.L. Ilsey High School in his hometown. At 33, the Halifax native’s connection with his family has continued to remain strong. In fact, it was his parents’ love for the show that prompted him to apply for ‘Tough as Nails.’ Encouraged by his father to put his name in the hat for the competition, the Canadian decided to try his luck.

Benjamin Dempsey’s Profession

With a wide variety of life skills accrued in his youth, Benjamin decided to put his physical acumen to the test and embark upon his career. Fresh out of school, Benjamin first became a professional fisherman. After a few years on the dock, Benjamin shifted his line of work. He then began to work at a local mill, where he used his skills in different trades. Benjamin also held a brief stint at an oil rig before establishing his own venture. As such, Benjamin’s vast resume has equipped him with a number of qualities that prove useful in varied situations. A master of several trades, the Halifax native is a big advocate for blue-collar workers.

Benjamin believes that while there may not be a stigma attached to the line of work, there is still a significant requirement for a change of mindset. As such, even after establishing his own company, Benjamin has made sure that he continues to put his skills to use. The reality star established his company Breakwater Tiling in 2021 in his hometown. Since then, he has continued to service a number of clients as a professional tile installer. Benjamin’s specialties include floor, showers, and porcelain stone ceramic. He also specializes in a number of designs and types.

Benjamin Dempsey’s Wife Shares a Close Bond With Her In-Laws

Benjamin attributes his ability to explore new opportunities and achieve his dreams to his family and wife’s support. The reality star married his wife, Carley Dempsey, in September 2022. The couple has been together for years and got engaged in December 2021. Carley is a Registered Dental Hygienist at Northwest Dentistry in Halifax. Like her husband, Carely is also close to her in-laws and family.

Not just this, Benjamin and Carley even go on vacations with the former’s parents. As such, the close-knit bond of the Dempsey clan has further encouraged Benjamin to explore new opportunities. Naturally, we continue to hope that the reality star continues to achieve his goals and creates milestones personally and professionally.

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