7 Best Fishbowl Wives Love Making Scenes, Ranked

Miyako Koshikawa, Tomomi Matoba, and Fumi Tsubota teamed up to create the warm and stimulating female-centric romance series ‘Fishbowl Wives’ from the original manga by Ryo Kurosawa. The story of the series follows Sakura Hiraga; a wife stuck in a failing marriage with her abusive husband. Although it’s all glitters and sunshine from the outset, Sakura feels suffocated, and the rest of the story follows the course of her liberation. Five other wives who live in the same tower condo as Sakura experience their respective sexual awakenings in different story arcs. The show abounds in promiscuity, and there are some visceral nude scenes in the mix. If you are game, we have prepared a list of the six best sex scenes from ‘Fishbowl Wives’ that will grapple your imagination. Let us take a look at them, but beware of spoilers.

7. “What’s The Point?”

Towards the end of the pilot, Takuya and Yuka have an encounter, shortly after Takuya’s fight with Yuriha. While Takuya satiates his physical urges in meaningless encounters, Sakura has a blast on the yacht with Haruko. At this moment, we realize the extent of Takuya’s sex addiction. Meanwhile, his remark that there is no point in making love to a wife who cannot give birth to children, illustrates his view on women and the world around him. One of the most graphically shot and portrayed against a crimson-clad background, this brief scene stays in the audiences’ minds for a while.

6. Insecurity Leads to Infidelity

Insecurity leads to infidelity, at least in the case of Takuya Hiraga, the co-owner of the Hiraga Tokyo range of salons. The first episode, titled ‘The Fishbowl Wife,’ sets the mood for the story from the first moments, as Takuya and Yuriha try out different poses in Takuya’s empty apartment on the eve of Sakura’s birthday. We realize that the relationship between Takuya and Sakura is doomed, even if they seem quite the lovey-dovey couple in public. As we know of this beforehand, we side with Sakura when she decides to leave her home.

5. Tattoos and Scars

The seventh episode, titled ‘Thee Renovation Wife,’ follows the life of Yuriha from close quarters. Although we know of her affair with Takuya, we do not know her woes. When her husband decides to bring his mother over to their apartment, Yuriha is uneasy and demands an extra bathroom. She uses a lot of makeup to hide the scar on her forehead, which takes a lengthy amount of time. Her neglectful husband notwithstanding, Yuriha stumbles upon a tattooed builder with a similar spot on the forehead. Yuriha actively tries to bond with him, sparks fly, and they end up on the bed.

4. An Ex in Need

Yuka, from apartment 1612, believes in outsourcing all the taxing operations, both in her professional and personal life. In the second episode, titled ‘The Outsourcing Wife,’ her marital life is not going well either. She wants a child, but he is not interested in touching her. After a call from her ex-boyfriend Jun, Yuka taps into her forbidden feelings. Jun takes her to a hotel, and their dancing leads to Yuka getting pregnant in the end. This sequence is one of the more passionate, bold scenes depicted in the series that hits the right spot between romance and promiscuity.

3. Cuckolding Gone Wrong

The show probes into Noriko’s story in the 44-minute long third part, titled ‘The Lunchbox Wife.’ Her marriage with Taro seems to have lost its thrill. Thus, to spice it up a few notches, Taro invites his colleague Tsuta to have a liaison with Noriko. He gets jealous midway, asking Tsuta to leave, and finishing the rest himself. However, Taro’s life turns on its head when Noriko visits Tsuta in his apartment. Tsuta is apologetic for the uncomfortable encounter, while Noriko cannot erase the thought of him touching her. They get cozy under the sheets, and Noriko’s life changes forever.

2. From Present Gratification to Past Trauma

In the fifth episode, titled ‘The Headache Wife part 1,’ Hisako, from apartment 4103, meets random loner Baba while on a stroll to the park. Baba takes Hisako to his modest dwelling, and Hisako divulges that her husband stays away for a job. Baba is also self-professedly lonely, and when Hisako lies down from the onset of a migraine, Baba seizes the moment with a kiss. Hisako leaves amidst headaches but later comes back to gratify her basic urges. The sex comes off as quite natural while concealing a twist in the middle. The revelation comes in the following episode, but the early steamy encounter smoothly prepares us to take a dig into Hisako’s past.

1. A Happy Ending

In the finality of events, Haruko and Sakura mingle and experience physical romance for the second time in the series. Their romance stays predominantly spiritual for most of the story, and the slow-burning passion comes off as intimate and heartwarming. In the end, before parting ways, they decide to give their romantic stint a happy ending. Haruko kisses Sakura passionately, and Sakura responds with a warm embrace. You may figure out the rest by yourself if you check out the season finale, titled ‘The Fishbowl Wives.’

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