Black Mirror Spin-Off USS Callister: Jesse Plemons to Star; Filming Begins Next Month

Jesse Plemons is set to board the USS Callister once again! The actor has joined the cast of the ‘Black Mirror’ spin-off series ‘USS Callister,’ likely to reprise his original character Robert Daly. The filming of the three-episode show is slated to kick off next month in London, England. Charlie Brooker and Will Bridges serve as writers of the project with Toby Haynes on board to direct. Plemons will star alongside Cristin Milioti and Jimmi Simpson.

‘USS Callister,’ the first episode of the original show’s fourth season, enchanted the viewers with its homage to ‘Star Trek,’ quickly becoming a fan favorite and earning four Primetime Emmy Awards. In the episode, Captain Robert Daly (Plemons) and his crew aboard the USS Callister engage in a space battle against their nemesis, Valdack. In the real world, Daly, the CTO at Callister Inc., faces mistreatment from his colleagues.

As the episode progresses, Daly uses DNA samples to create digital clones of his coworkers in his modified version of the Infinity game, in which he acts out his fantasies as Captain Daly. Nanette Cole, a new programmer, becomes trapped in the game and orchestrates a plan to escape, ultimately leading to Daly’s downfall. With the help of the real-world Nanette, the crew blackmails Daly, allowing them to break free from his control and continue their adventure in the unmodded version of Infinity.

The specifics of the spin-off series’ plot are currently under wraps. However, the official logline reveals, “USS Callister will return… Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning.”

In the original ‘Black Mirror’ episode, Cristin Milioti and Jimmi Simpson starred as Nanette Cole and Walton respectively, along with Plemons’ Robert Daly. The rest of the cast included Michaela Coel as Shania, Milanka Brooks as Elena Tulaska, Billy Magnussen as Valdack, Paul G. Raymond as Kabir, and Osy Ikhile as Nate. Additionally, the series will introduce a new character named Rinko.

In addition to the spin-off series, ‘Black Mirror’ fans can eagerly await the release of the show’s upcoming seventh season, which will include a sequel episode to ‘USS Callister.’ The six-episode installment is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in 2025.

The previous seasons of ‘Black Mirror’ have utilized London as a filming location. The city is a popular production hub as far as science-fiction projects are concerned, having previously hosted the shooting of ‘3 Body Problem‘ and ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire.’

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