Does ‘Bloodshot’ Have a End Credits Scene?

Superhero movies might be a dime a dozen with Marvel and DC ruling the genre. However, with ‘Bloodshot‘, we might be getting the start of a new shared universe. Part of the Valiant Comics, this film has been in development hell for almost six years. Initially, Jared Leto was supposed to play the titular character, until Vin Diesel came on board.

The premise of the story follows Ray Garrison or Bloodshot, who apparently witnesses his wife’s death. The RST corporation steps in to save Ray using nanotechnology. Soon, he finds himself tracking down and eliminating the bad guys. However, we realize a shocking fact that RST has been controlling Ray by wiping the memories of his wife, who has actually divorced him and moved on.

They have merely been exploiting Ray’s grief, to get him to do their bidding. Once Ray realizes this, he turns against his employers, which results in a pretty violent conclusion. Naturally, you might be wondering whether there is a mid or post-credits scene, to pave the way for a shared universe. We have got you covered in that regard. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is There a Bloodshot Post-Credits Scene?

We should inform you right at the start that ‘Bloodshot’ does not have a mid or post-credits scene. Naturally, this has disappointed many fans, who were hoping that the first movie from Valiant Comics would keep an open door for future films. Now, although ‘Bloodshot’ has not done this via additional scenes, the ending of the movie itself leaves the possibility open for the story to continue.

As Bloodshot takes the battle to RST, he has to fight Dalton and Harting. The supersoldier manages to finish off Dalton, but it pushes him to the brink. This makes it seemingly easy for Harting to open fire using a grenade launcher. The game seems to be over for Bloodshot, who finds it hard to recover. However, with the last of his willpower, he gets close to Harting and sets off a previously undetonated grenade.

That being said, we do not see Harting die actually. While a grenade from a close range is invariably fatal, Harting might have injected himself with nanotech, to survive. Ultimately, since ‘Bloodshot’ does not clearly show Harting’s death, the superhero movie definitely leaves the door open for the bad guy to make a comeback if needed.

Elsewhere, we see Bloodshot, Katie or KT, and Wigans going away into the sunset. The three seem to be a team now, with Katie actually turning rogue and helping Bloodshot escape. Undoubtedly, any future films are likely to see these three working together. While the initial plan for the Valiant universe was to head towards a Harbinger Wars crossover event, that plan is now scrapped due to the delayed release of ‘Bloodshot’.

In the event that ‘Bloodshot’ does get a follow up (which is rather likely), we might see the movies borrowing from one of Bloodshot’s storylines, where he tries to live without the nanotech. This ties in with Ray’s desires in this film, to have a normal life with his wife. However, we know from the comics that Ray is eventually pulled back into his old life when people who look like him begin to carry out killings.

Therefore, it appears that ‘Bloodshot’ has put itself in quite a solid position, in the event that it wishes to explore and expand the franchise. Despite not having additional scenes at the end, it has left the movie’s conclusion open enough, to allow manipulations in future installations, in order to tie in the storylines. Moreover, with an actor like Vin Diesel, who is involved in some of the highest-grossing franchises in Hollywood, there is no doubt that we will see more of Bloodshot soon.

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