Blown Away Season 2: Where Are They Now?

Blown Away‘ is a reality series that brings several glassblowing artists together to compete for a prize worth $60,000. The Netflix show allows the viewers to learn more about the breathtaking art as the experts create their pieces. Each season, new names within the industry try their best to show off their skills and claim the winner’s title.

Season 2 of the series rode on the back of the hype created by the premiere season and allowed the audience to learn and see more of the awe-inspiring yet dangerous craftsmanship. The season landed in early 2021 and brought ten new names to the limelight. Fans of the series are now curious to know what the cast of ‘Blown Away’ season 2 is up to, and we are here to answer those questions.

Where is Elliot Walker Now?

The winner of ‘Blown Away’ season 2 was none other than Elliott Walker. The Welsh glass artist seems to be doing pretty well professionally and has strived hard since his reality TV stint to create even more breathtaking pieces. Those interested in buying his work can do so from Blowfish Glass, an online gallery by Elliot’s friend Bethany Wood. His work can also be found at Vessel Gallery at 114 Kensington Park Road, London, United Kingdom, or on the establishment’s website.

Moreover, Elliot is a resident artist at London Glassblowing, a well-known glass blowing studio at 62-66 Bermondsey Street, London, United Kingdom. The business also has an online portal that can be used to buy glass pieces made by Elliot. The artist is associated with Habatat Galleries at 2401 North Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, Elliot appears as a guest judge on ‘Blown Away’ season 3.

Where is Cat Burns Now?

Cat Marie Burns, the runner-up of the second season of ‘Blown Away,’ went on to participate and win ‘Blown Away: Christmas‘ season 1. She has continued to work within the glassblowing industry; her admirers can easily purchase her breathtaking art pieces from The Corning Museum of Glass, 1 Museum Way, Corning, New York, or their online portal. Furthermore, Cat’s art is available online and offline at Seattle Glassblowing Studio. Apart from the two businesses, Cat has her own website that can be used to buy handcrafted art pieces from her. During her free time, she likes to travel and is a huge fan of gardening.

Where is Chris Taylor Now?

Since his time on ‘Blown Away,’ Chris has continued his exceptional work with glass- he owns Craft Advisory, which aims to create other art forms inspired by his signature pieces. The artist is also affiliated with The Corning Museum of Glass and is featured on their website. To impart his knowledge about the craft, Chris has taken up the position of instructor at Rhode Island School of Design. Students can choose from the several informative courses that the reality star offers at the education institution.

Where is Nao Yamamoto Now?

After her time on ‘Blown Away’ season 2, Nao Yamamoto went on to compete in ‘Blown Away: Christmas’ and claimed second place. Since then, her work has been displayed in places like the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, Washington, and the City of Brea Art Gallery, Brea, California. On top of that, she bagged the prestigious 2021 Barrio Glass Works Residency.

Furthermore, the artist gave lectures as a visiting artist at Santa Monica College in 2022. Most of her art pieces are inspired by the beauty of nature and are available on her personal website for purchase. Nao is also affiliated with Seattle Glassblowing Studio and Vetri;  on the personal front, she is enjoying her life and is terribly fond of her black cat Moo.

Where is Andi Kovel Now?

Artist Andi Kovel appeared on the premiere season of ‘Blown away: Christmas’ after her time on ‘Blown Away’ season 2. Based in Portland, Oregon, she holds the positions of Partner and CEO at Esque Studio, a business that allows customers to ask for custom designs to be handcrafted by talented hands within the organization. Andi’s art pieces can be purchased from her personal website, as well as Esque Studio. When not creating jaw-dropping glass pieces, she likes to travel, spend time with her loved ones and enjoy the company of her dog Mini.

Where is Mike Shelbo Now?

Mike Shelbo is the owner of GlassGrab, an online marketplace that can be used to buy and sell glass-based products. GlassGrab also has an app that can be used on almost every mobile device. Mike is well-known for his unique creations and fondness for crafting goblins out of glass. The realistic fantasy creatures are sure to leave you in awe of the sheer amount of skill needed to create such pieces. Not just that, Mike is affiliated with The Snackatorium, along with several other artists. You can buy his creations from his personal website as well.

Where is Brad Turner Now?

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Brad Turner is thriving in his glassblowing career and has gained several admirers due to his beautiful art pieces. The artist has his own online portal, which can be used to purchase glass pieces made by him, along with an Etsy account which can be used to buy smaller items. The ‘Blown Away’ star is further affiliated with Vancouver Studio Glass as an artist. Brad adores spending time with his daughter Zoe and constantly shares her adorable antics with his followers on social media.

Where is Jason McDonald Now?

Jason McDonald has continued to work as a glassblower and often showcases his finished pieces and the crafting process on social media. Through his online portal, interested customers can reach out to buy pieces that feature on his website. They can even ask for custom designs to be handcrafted by Jason. The artist is preparing to offer week-long courses at Pittsburgh Glass Center from July 25, 2022, to July 29, 2022. Besides work, Jason is vocal and passionate about the issues plaguing our society and is not shy about sharing his opinions.

Where is Ben Silver Now?

‘Blown Away’ season 1 participant Ben Silver lives in Eugene, Oregon. He holds the positions of Artist and Technician at Eugene Glass House and owns his own studio that sells a variety of glass pieces. He likes to create beautiful sculptures out of glass and considers his work an ongoing learning experience. Ben is affiliated with Adamm’s Stained Glass & Art Glass Gallery; interested parties can buy his glasswork from the shop in Santa Monica, California, or the gallery’s website.

Where is Tegan Hamilton Now?

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Tegan Hamilton is a woman of several talents- her intricate and breathtaking glass pieces are a testament to her skills. Those interested in buying her work can check out her personal website to buy a beautifully handmade art piece. Moreover, Tegan has her own line of clothing and drinkware called Pun and Ink, which features her humorous drawings.

Given her love for puns and drawing skills, the artist decided to forge ahead and sell items with her illustrations to the public. You can simply order prints of her drawings through her business website for the same. Her work was featured in The Other Art Fair at Saatchi Art Gallery in May 2022. In her free time, Tegan likes to learn new skills and expands her horizons.

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