Alec Baldwin Cast in ‘Blue Before Blood’; Starts Filming in New Jersey in July

Alec Baldwin is uniting with Wayne Kramer once again! The veteran actor is set to star in the cop thriller ‘Blue Before Blood,’ written and directed by Kramer. The feature film is gearing up to start filming in New Jersey in July and is expected to wrap up by August.

Set against the backdrop of New York City, the movie will introduce us to Molly, a widow who is suicidal with grief after the death of her husband. Danny, also grappling with loss and sorrow, becomes homicidal. He then abducts Molly to reinvent her as his ex-wife as a way to cope with his feelings. The ordeal invokes in Molly a fierce will to live, and she prepares herself to escape from Danny’s clutches. Meanwhile, the cop assigned to Molly’s case navigates a divided NYPD and the bustling streets of NYC in search of her.

The film marks the first time Baldwin and Kramer have worked together since the 2003 movie ‘The Cooler,’ for which the former received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The movie was a smash hit on DVD but struggled at the box office due to issues with the MPAA. The romantic drama narrates the story of the unluckiest man in Vegas, whose bad luck in gambling turns around after he falls in love with a cocktail waitress.

Baldwin’s recent credits include the family comedy ‘Billie’s Magic World,’ the plane hijacking thriller ‘97 Minutes,’ and ‘Supercell.’ The actor is also set to appear in a host of upcoming productions, including William Atticus Parker’s ‘Atrabilious’ and Brian Skiba’s ‘Cold Deck,’ which revolves around a group of loggers discovering a meth cook site in the middle of the forest, forced to fight for their lives as they are hunted by a drug cartel.

Baldwin’s ‘Hollywood Heist’ follows a fading movie star and a producer going on a comedic adventure, encountering drug lords and famous actors after their funding is stolen. ‘Crescent City,’ the R-rated crime thriller directed by RJ Collins, sees a small Southern town ravaged by a serial killer. His other forthcoming projects include Joel Souza’s ‘Rust,’ Francesco Cinquemani’s ‘Kid Santa,’ which also stars William Baldwin, Benjamin Tomson’s ‘False Awakening,’ and ‘Kent State’ starring Clancy Brown.

‘Blue Before Blood’ marks Kramer’s return to filmmaking after over a decade. The director is known for his crime and comedy films with late actor Paul Walker. The action thriller ‘Running Scared’ is considered his crowning achievement, and despite an initially negative response, it has gained a cult status since its release in 2006.

As Kramer prepares to work on ‘Blue Before Blood’ in New Jersey, he will join several filmmakers in bringing their projects to life in the state. These include Claire Danes’ Netflix series ‘The Beast in Me,’ Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman,’ Timothée Chalamet’s ‘A Complete Unknown,’ Stephanie Laing’s ‘Tow,’ and Paul Mescal’s ‘The History of Sound.’

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