Netflix’s ‘The Beast in Me’ Begins Filming in North Carolina in August

The filming of Netflix’s limited series ‘The Beast in Me’ will begin in North Carolina on August 12. The show is written by Gabe Rotter, with Howard Gordon on board as the showrunner. Claire Danes headlines the cast.

The series centers on Aggie Wiggs (Danes), an author who has become reclusive since the loss of her son. The tragedy also results in Aggie struggling with writer’s block. When an enigmatic and seemingly dangerous real estate mogul moves in next door, Aggie is inspired to investigate his story for her latest book. The businessman, Nile Sheldon, had once been the primary suspect in his wife’s sudden disappearance. As she delves deeper into Nile’s past, Aggie finds herself confronting her own inner demons while unraveling the mysteries surrounding her neighbor. The ensuing cat-and-mouse game between Aggie and Nile teeters on the brink of danger, with the potential for deadly consequences looming over their every move.

The creative process for ‘The Beast in Me’ began when Rotter worked on the original ‘X-Files.’ The narrative initially featured a male protagonist, who was later replaced by Aggie when the script was overlooked during development. He wrote the script for the show between 2017 and 2018, which went through multiple studios and writers’ rooms before landing with Netflix. Jodie Foster was initially asked to lead the show as Aggie, but she suggested the role go to Danes instead.

Danes previously worked with Gordon in the spy thriller series ‘Homeland,’ in which she played the protagonist Carrie Mathison. She has distinguished herself through her recent performances as Sam Browne in ‘Full Circle’ and Rachel Fleishman in ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble.’

Gordon was brought on board for the series after he completed working on season 2 of Hulu’s ‘Accused.’ From the ‘Accused’ team, Gordon brought co-showrunner Daniel Pearle to the Netflix show as an executive producer. Besides his work on ‘Homeland,’ Gordon is known for ‘24: India,’ FX’s ‘Tyrant,’ ‘Legacy,’ and Fox’s ‘Legends.’ Alongside ‘The Beast in Me,’ Gordon is also producing the upcoming ‘Substitutes’ and the modern TV series adaptation of ‘Gattaca.’

Foster planned to take up the director’s chair for ‘The Beast in Me’ when she was offered the lead role but switched to just executive production due to schedule constraints. The actress most recently appeared as Liz Danvers in the fourth season of ‘True Detective,’ which was shot in Iceland, where she had to be rescued by a diver while filming a drowning scene. Her latest directing credits are ‘Tales from the Loop,’ ‘Black Mirror,’ and George Clooney-led ‘Money Monster.’

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