Book of Love Ending, Explained: Do Henry and Maria End Up Together?

‘Book of Love’ follows Henry and Maria, two unique and opposite individuals who become reluctant collaborators. After Maria’s translation of Henry’s novel becomes a hit in Mexico, the two writers meet. In time, opposites attract, and sparks begin to fly between the duo. The romantic comedy movie is directed by Analeine Cal y Mayor (‘Daughter from Another Mother‘).

It features an exciting cross-cultural narrative that is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise saturated genre. If you are wondering how this romantic tale — that balances passion with practicality — culminates and whether the two lovers unite, here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Book of Love.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Book of Love Plot Synopsis

‘Book of Love’ opens with British writer Henry Copper (Sam Claflin) attending the reading of his novel ‘The Sensible Heart.’ However, the book has failed to find a reader base and has received bad reviews. Henry gets a call from his publisher Jen who reveals that Henry’s book has become a sensation in Mexico. Henry is puzzled by the book’s surprising success and is a little skeptical. Nonetheless, he agrees to attend a promotional campaign in Mexico to promote the book.

In Mexico, Maria (Verónica Echegui), a young divorced woman, is raising a son. Her ex-husband, Antonio, is helpless and selfish. She translated Henry’s novel to Spanish for the Mexican edition. Upon arriving in Mexico, Henry meets Maria, and the two attend interviews to promote the novel. Henry realizes that Maria has made various changes to his work and added sexually graphic scenes that are the reason for the book’s success.

Soon, Henry and Maria begin to butt heads about the novel’s subject material and the complicated concept of love. Henry and Maria’s drastically different backgrounds have resulted in their different opinions about love, passion, sex, and emotions, all of which are integral to writing. Jen informs Henry that, thanks to the book’s success in Mexico, they are re-releasing the novel but with the changes made by Maria.

The second edition becomes an instant hit across the globe. Thus, Henry is asked to craft a new romance novel by collaborating with Maria. Despite their difference of opinion, Maria and Henry strike a friendship and agree to work together. Soon, romance begins to blossom between the two. However, some unexpected complications arrive that separate the two lovers.

Book of Love Ending: Do Henry and Maria End Up Together?

Throughout the movie, Henry and Maria’s mutual attraction develops into romantic feelings, and they sleep with each other. However, their growing closeness makes Antonio jealous, and he sends Henry an old picture of himself and Maria together in bed. The photo breaks Henry’s heart. Initially fueled by his passionate feelings for Maria and writing, Henry tries to finish the novel and surprise Maria. However, he becomes distraught and writes a sad ending. In the process, he does not realize that he is breaking Maria’s most important rule: never to write alone.

When Maria arrives, Henry confronts her, and Maria becomes disappointed in him. She believes that Henry should have trusted her more than Antonio, who is nobody to them. However, Maria is even more heartbroken because Henry broke their only rule. Maria is devastated and asks Henry to leave, and he returns to London. Henry plans on winning over Maria and publishes her name on the book cover. He returns to Mexico to promote their new novel.

At the interview, Henry admits that Maria co-wrote the book with him. He exclaims that Maria made his writing better and uses it as a metaphor for explaining Maria’s positive impact on his life. Henry truly believes that Maria makes him a better person in every aspect. Maria, who is listening to Henry from the audience, is touched by his words. However, Antonio arrives and tries to fight Henry. After Antonio is carried away by the security, Henry and Maria profess their love for each other.

In the end, Henry and Maria end up together. Despite the many obstacles in their path, the two lovers unite, making their love story much different from that of their book. Even though Henry and Maria have opposite personalities, worldviews, and life experiences, their biggest strength is finding common ground. The ending of the movie highlights the same.

During their argument, Maria expresses her lamentation that she always neglects her own happiness for the men in her life. By finishing the book without her, Henry proves to be just like the other men. However, Henry recognizes his mistake and rectifies it by helping Maria gain recognition for her work. In the process, Henry realizes that he genuinely loves Maria. Henry embraces his feelings and makes a passionate admission of his emotions during the climax. Thus, Henry proves that Maria’s happiness matters to him.

Henry also understands Maria’s point of view on love and acts on it to earn back Maria’s affection. When Antonio insults Maria’s work, Henry boldly defends her writing. On the other hand, Maria is touched by Henry’s efforts. She realizes the practicality of the situation and gets over her ill feelings towards Henry. The two lovers find common ground and express their feelings for each other. Ultimately, Henry and Maria’s argument turns out to be a mere lover’s quarrel, and the movie ends on a high note with the writer couple reuniting.

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