Is Book of Love Based on a True Story? Is it Based on a Book?

‘Book of Love’ tells the story of Henry, a British writer who arrives in Mexico to promote his novel, which has proven to be a flop everywhere outside the country. However, he soon realizes that the book’s success is owed to the translator Maria, who turned it into an erotic novel. As Henry and Maria clash about their opposing ideas of love, they end up falling for each other.

The hilarious and charming romantic movie is directed by Analeine Cal y Mayor (‘Daughter from Another Mother‘) and dives deep into writers’ lives. If you are curious whether the film’s premise of two writers falling in love is based on a true story, look no further! Here’s everything we know about the inspiration behind ‘Book of Love.’

Is Book of Love Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Book of Love’ is not based on a true story. The movie is based on an original concept from Analeine Cal y Mayor, who co-wrote the screenplay alongside David Quantick. The film is a bilingual feature with some dialogs in Spanish and English. It primarily revolves around a reserved British writer who falls in love with a Mexican woman.

The concept is similar to a segment from ‘Love Actually,’ a romantic anthology written and directed by Richard Curtis. In the movie, a British writer falls in love with a Portuguese woman. However, unlike that story, ‘Book of Love’ is based on different nuances and examines the complicated emotions one must deal with before accepting true love. It questions the practicality of the concept of love preached to us by romance novels and also their limitations.

The movie highlights the volatile definition of love and how its meaning changes from person to person based on their experiences. The narrative also imparts subtle commentary on the tabloidization and sensationalization of love in today’s day and age. Ultimately, ‘Book of Love’ is a relatively simple romantic comedy that thrives on the tropes of the sub-genre. The lead characters’ chemistry and views on love make the story immersive and relatable.

Is Book of Love Based on a Book?

As stated earlier, ‘Book of Love’ is mostly an original concept and is not based on any pre-existing books. However, it shares the premise of two co-authors falling in love with the romance novel ‘The Roughest Draft’ by Emily Wibberley. Nonetheless, ‘Book of Love’ charts its own course through a cross-cultural narrative that widens the genre’s horizons. Even though the movie is not based on a novel, the art of storytelling and book writing play an integral role in its plot.

In the movie, Henry writes a fiction novel titled ‘The Sensible Heart,’ which fails to do well with the readers. However, its Spanish edition, ‘El Corazón Sensible’ published in Mexico, has become a hit. The book’s success leads to the publishers asking Henry to write another novel in collaboration with Maria. The second novel, ‘Two Hearts,’ becomes a critical and commercial success. The titles of both books are pretty generic, and one can find various books with the same or similar names. However, the two books are fictional creations that exist strictly within the movie’s realm.

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