Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

The story of fantasy revenge drama ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ revolves around themes of reincarnation and immortality. Young-woo Jang directed the gory and captivating KDrama series from a screenplay written by So-ra Kwon and Jae Won Seo. The story revolves around Hwal, who fulfills his destiny by becoming a monster from a human. After a torturesome upbringing in the fringes of the village, he finds a father and family in General Dan Geuk.

Hwal becomes a notorious monster slayer, only to lose everything and suffer the miseries of an immortal existence. A star-studded cast ensemble comprising known faces from the Korean film industry brings the tale to life, which is ingrained within Korean traditions and beliefs. The second episode brings us to contemporary times, while Hwal (or Bulgasal) remains on the path of revenge. If you seek to recollect the final moments in greater detail, let us help you out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Picking up from the ending of the first episode, Hwal truly becomes a monster after the death of Dan Sol and A-Chan. You may remember the insect-like creatures that came out of Hwal’s belly and scarred the palm of Bulgasal. Well, it turns out that the insect is Hwal’s soul. The lady withers in the air while the soldiers arrive at the scene to discover Hwal holding the immobile body of A-Chan in his lap. They deduce that Hwal has killed his family, and the angered general goes for a confrontation.

When he is alone, Hwal comes for a confrontation. Hwal’s rage gives the general the idea that Hwal has nothing to do with the death of Dan Sol or A-Chan. Dan Geuk asks Hwal to live in hiding and not harm others. The subordinate commander stabs the general since he already had reservations about Hwal’s commoner origin. With his soul taken, Hwal has become Bulgasal, and the only way he can escape the loop is if he eliminates the reincarnation of the previous Bulgasal, the lady.

Hell-bent on revenge, he lives in hiding through the Japanese Invasion of 1593 till the modern-day, having a stint with reincarnated Dueoksini in the middle. Fast-forwarding to 2006, the kind older man in the village has reincarnated as a private snoop. Hwal comes out of darkness to ask the detective to look for the girl. Min Sang-Yeon remembers her past life, and she lives in the dread of Bulgasal every day. Her fears come true when a car follows her sister Min Sang-un home one day.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 1 Episode 2 Ending: Is Min Sang-Yeon Dead or Alive?

When Min Sang-un spills to her sister about a car following her home, Min Sang-Yeon is visibly worried. She remembers everything about her past, and we know that her fears are pretty reasonable, despite Sang-un calling Bulgasal a make-belief character at one point. Min Sang-Yeon leaves for her sister’s house from the previous life, and Min Sang-Un tags along. Sang-Yeon asks Sang-Un not to contact the family since she would put everyone’s life in peril. However, Sang-Un, disregarding the warning of Sang-Yeon, calls her mother. She regroups with her mother and returns to their home in the city.

Sang-Yeon follows, but a reckoning awaits her. Soon as they enter the house, the lights go out, the locks begin to rattle, and they hear shrill whispers. Min Sang-Yeon excavates the wardrobe, searching for a way out, but it is seemingly too late. Fast cuts characterize the scenes, and we don’t understand whether Min Sang-Yeon is dead. But considering the blue denim jacket of the dead body lying beside Min Sang-Un, it seems that the devilish Bulgasal has claimed her life. But as Min Sang-Un and Min Sang-Yeon are twins, Bulgasal has yet to hunt the other sister down.

Where Is Min Sang-un Now? Who is Hyeon-Ju?

Thanks to the nature of the show, we see casual time leaps now and then. After the death of Min Sang-Yeon, fifteen years have passed, and Min Sang-Un has now grown up. Considering her sister’s final warnings, Min Sang-Un lives a low-key life and trusts no one. When Hwal goes to the sisters’ old home in the village, a woman says the family has melted into thin air. We meet the bubbly and energetic Hyeon-Ju in the following scene, who works at a traditional laundromat. She claims to be married and has performed an array of jobs.

The mysterious woman also wants to leave for the day, and she visits the home of Min Sang-Yeon. As she laments before the half-torn wall behind the wardrobe, we get the idea that this woman is Min Sang-Un. Until now, she has feigned a false identity and has lived under Bulgasal’s radar. As she arrives at the house, someone tries desperately to open the door. The camera moves to the other side of the door, and we see Hwal standing. With the cliffhanger, the story comes to an end, and the final fate of Min Sang-Un remains unknown. But we believe Min Sang-Un has to play a more prominent role in the drama, and it is a bit early for her to die.

Who Is The Doctor? Is He A Reincarnation of Dan Geuk?

When Min Sang-un is at the hospital, a doctor sees her. The doctor asks how she is feeling and what caused the scar. He takes a closer look at her, and the doctor’s face seems familiar. The doctor asks her to remember the face of the monster. Upon a bit of probing, we realize that the doctor is a reincarnation of General Dan Geuk. While his appearance in the modern timeline gives the tale a neat twist, we are yet to know his further involvement in the story.

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