Burning Betrayal Love Making Scenes, Ranked

The love-making scenes in Netflix’s Brazilian film ‘Burning Betrayal’ are guaranteed to satisfy the ardent admirers of the erotic genre. Director Diego Freitas commendably uses these scenes to explore the growing connection between Bárbara “Babi” Nucci and Marco Ladeia as they embark on a steamy romantic journey as a couple. Both Babi and Marco see intimacy as a bridge, between their souls and bodies, that brings them closer. The intimate sequences in the thriller movie succeed in moving the narrative forward while captivating the viewers. Fascinated by these scenes, we have ranked them after delving into their nuances in detail. Let us present the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

4. The End of the Routine (Babi and Caio)

Diego Freitas’ film establishes Babi and her fiancé Caio Laruzi Sampaio’s relationship with a steamy sex scene soon after the film commences. Although Caio initially displays an immense longing to share intimacy with his partner, the love-making session doesn’t last long enough for Babi to be excited about the same. The sequence subtly reveals that the heat of the couple’s love-making routine is gradually coming to an end, specifically since the groom-to-be is cheating on Babi with a secret lover. The dissatisfied bride-to-be soon learns about her partner’s affair, which makes her put an end to their intimacy. The particular scene makes it clear that Babi is warned about Caio’s disinterest before their separation.

3. The Sweetness of Togetherness (Babi and Marco)

Babi and Marco unite as a couple for good after confronting several challenges. From Thiago’s decision and efforts to kill Babi to keep his crimes under a veil to Paula’s re-entry into her husband’s life, the couple deals with several obstructions. However, when they get back together as one, they don’t forget to celebrate the occasion with a love-making session. The intimacy is filled with not only their togetherness but also the freedom from the people who have been killing their happiness. The sex scene is nothing but a preview of what’s ahead for Babi and Marco as a couple since they do not have any reason to slow down in bed in the near future.

2. The Fiery Progression (Babi and Marco)

Babi and Marco get to know each other more in bed than through words. After getting together as a couple eventfully, they explore each other’s personalities, likes, and quirks in bed while having sex. While sharing intimacy each time, Babi gets more and more immersed in the trustworthiness of Marco, who doesn’t want to hurt his new partner. Even though these sessions get interrupted by the judge’s wife Paula, which results in their temporary separation, it is safe to say that the time they share together with utmost intensity helps them deal with the short-lasting loneliness. When Marco surprises Babi with his experience, the fiery girl astounds the judge with her yearning to unite with him physically.

1. The Remarkable Beginning (Babi and Marco)

Babi and Marco’s first sex together is nothing but accidental. Babi’s decision to cherish the freedom brought by her separation from Caio leads her to a motorcycle club retreat, where her path crosses with Marco’s. The heat that doesn’t subside in Babi conquers her senses when Marco is around. Although he makes her wait for his touch, they eventually unite their bodies and minds with nature providing pleasant backdrops. The sense of independence in the air finds its way to Babi’s soul, which makes her enjoy being intimate with Marco better than she could ever dream of. With the beach and sky as their witnesses, Marco and Babi kickstart their companionship with steamy sessions one after the other.

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