Captain Laserhawk Season 2: Theories Explored

Developed for television by Adi Shankar (‘Castlevania’), Netflix’s ‘Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix’ follows the titular cybernetically enhanced super soldier who leads a team of rebel outcasts on convert missions. However, when the group uncovers a grave conspiracy in a technologically advanced fascist regime driven by corruption and propaganda, they are forced to fight for survival. The first season offers what can only be described as a teaser of a larger, much more nuanced conflict for control and domination as several antagonistic forces with their agendas and motivations surface. As the first season ends on a major cliffhanger, viewers must be curious to learn what is in store for the second season of the adult animated series, and here are some of our theories!

Captain Laserhawk Season 2: What to Expect?

The first season follows Captain Laserhawk and his “Ghost” squad as they undertake covert operations for the Warden of the Supermaxx prison, where they are imprisoned. However, in the finale, Laserhawk learns that the Warden/Sarah Fisher manipulated him alongside rebel leader Marcus Holloway. After defeating Niji Six and the Eden army, Laserhawk sacrifices himself to take out Sarah. Bullfrog is saved from execution by Rayman, while Sarah survives and offers Marcus a chance to join her. On the other hand, Laserhawk awakens in a virtual space where he is greeted by Sarah’s father, Sam Fisher. Presently, ‘Captain Laserhawk’ has not been renewed for a second season. However, assuming a second season is greenlit, here is what we can expect from the characters and narrative.

Laserhawk and Sam Fisher’s Counterattack

The final moments of season 1 depict Laserhawk waking up in what he presumes to be the afterlife. However, Sam Fisher, who was presumed dead, reveals himself, implying Laserhawk and Fisher are in a virtual space. Like Laserhawk, Sam is also a cybernetically enhanced soldier and is presumed dead during the war for the Wasteland. However, his consciousness seems to have survived. Sam’s words to Laserhawk suggest that he has planned a counterattack on Eden for a while, and Laserhawk might just be the final piece of the puzzle. Furthermore, Sam’s plans indicate a threat larger than Eden looming in the distance, which will likely be explored in the second season. Sam’s storyline in the series differs from his depiction in ‘Splinter Cell’ and other video games. Therefore, the second season will likely explore the conflict between Sam and his daughter, Sarah, who has turned to the dark side.

Sarah Fisher’s Plan and Marcus Holloway’s Fate

The Warden, aka Sarah Fisher, is revealed as the series’ main antagonist towards the end of season 1. However, apart from her backstory and connection with Marcus Holloway, little is known about Sarah’s motives. The season 1 finale implies Eden brainwashed her, and Sarah desires to topple Eden’s Board and establish her own regime. She also offers Marcus a chance to join her before it is revealed that Sarah is an entirely cybernetic being. Season 2 will likely reveal more about Sarah’s turn villain, especially her transformation into a cyborg. Similarly, Marcus will likely play a larger role in the story, incorporating more elements from the video game ‘Watch Dogs’ in the second installment. Likewise, Marcus’ hacking group, DedSec, and characters such as Aiden Pearce and Sabine Brandt could appear. Hence, viewers can expect to see more hacking-based subplots in season 2.

The Templar Order, Bullfrog, and Rayman

The season 1 finale ends with the revelation that Eden’s board is merely a modern version of the Templar Order that has sought to control humanity for centuries. The Templar Order is a secret organization originating in the ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ video game series. Bullfrog is a member of the Brotherhood/Order of Assassins, who are the natural enemies of the Templar Order. Therefore, Bullfrog’s survival in the first season finale could be the thread linking Laserhawk and his allies to the conspiracy planned by Sarah. Irrespective, characters and elements from the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise will likely play a larger role in season 2. Meanwhile, Rayman, the seemingly loveable television host who turns on Eden, could become an ally of Laserhawk after saving Bullfrog from execution. However, he is susceptible to manipulation and is the most likely candidate to betray Laserhawk in the future.

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