Are Cathy and Josh From MAFS Australia Still Together?

‘Married At First Sight’ is an out of the box dating reality television series that has relationship experts pair up two individuals according to their history and behavior instead of them picking out their own partners. Following this, the couples meet at the altar to commit to one another and go on to live a domestic life after going on their honeymoon. During their time together, they must get to know each other properly and then decide whether or not they see a future together.

MAFS Australia season 7 saw 12 different couples coming together in the hopes of finding their true love. And one such pair included the 26-year-old Cathy Evans and the 28-year-old Josh Pihlak.

Cathy and Josh: Married At First Sight Journey

Cathy and Josh had both had their heartbroken and were single for a while before they entered the series. While Cathy’s previous relationships ended because her partners cheated on her, Josh’s partying ways led him to lose the person who he thought would be his forever. As they were both looking for someone with whom they could connect on a deeper level, they seemed like a perfect fit when they were matched up by the experts.

Their relationship started out extremely strong. Not only did Cathy and Josh have an instant attraction to one another on their first meeting at their wedding, but their honeymoon was also full of their sizzling chemistry. After that, when they came back and moved in together, things seemed to be going smoothly. Of course, they had their ups and downs, but it looked like they could actually go all the way and find love with one another.–2g8Rt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

However, when they had a heated argument on the beach at Josh’s homestay, their relationship crumbled apart. They both knew that they were at the end of their relationship; therefore, instead of stringing each other along, on the 5th commitment ceremony, they mutually decided to break up and leave the experiment to go their separate ways. Cathy decided that she didn’t even want to remain friends with her television husband, so Josh respected her wishes but revealed that they had parted on good terms.

Are Cathy and Josh Still Together?

No, Cathy and Josh are not together. Even though there is no bad blood between the pair, Cathy and Josh did not reconnect or try to make their relationship work again. While Josh revealed that they were just two very different individuals who couldn’t find common ground in his exit interview, Cathy said that they didn’t fulfill what the other was looking for, so they had no choice but to part ways.

Now, both Cathy and Josh have gone back to their previous lives and are trying to move on as best as they can. From his social media, Josh seems to be enjoying spending time with his friends and family in Newcastle and is appreciating all the benefits of living the bachelor life. His fun-loving attitude and active social life are still dominant in his life. Josh’s smiling pictures indicate that he is happy and content with where he is right now.

Cathy went back to being a logistics investigator, but now, because of her love for fashion and beauty, she is also a part-time make-up artist. She even has a YouTube channel where she posts videos about what is going on in her life, but she hasn’t uploaded anything there for more than nine months. She is extremely active on her Instagram, though, so make sure to follow her there.

A few months ago, during an interview with NW Magazine, Cathy revealed that she has finally found love with a cop named Richard. Although they initially met on a dating app in early 2019, they stopped seeing each other before she went on the show. But, they have since reconnected and don’t plan on letting each other go. “I think I fell in love with every aspect of Ritchie’s being – he is so supportive and believes in me, and that makes me so excited,” she said.

She admitted that they have talked about a future together. Having a Welsh and Thai heritage and being proud of it, she even said that she wants “a big Thai wedding with loud drums.” Cathy keeps her relationship very private now and doesn’t post about Richard or their relationship on social media platforms. So, we just hope that they are still together and that she is incredibly happy.

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