Chosen Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Kaspar Munk, Ida Maria Rydén, and Christian Potalivo, the Danish original sci-fi thriller series ‘Chosen’ unveils a world of brooding intrigue. The series follows Emma, whose quest for the truth about the townsfolk leads her to a moment of self-discovery. With the arrival of a mysterious organization and an even more mysterious substitute teacher in the tight-knit community of Middlebo, Emma finds herself charting troubled waters. Following the cliffhanger finale of the first season, you must be wondering about the possibility of a second installment. In that case, let us spill all the beans.

Chosen Season 2 Release Date

‘Chosen’ season 1 premiered in its entirety on January 27, 2022, on Netflix. The first season packs six episodes with runtimes ranging between 41 and 49 minutes per episode. Let us now consider the prospects of a follow-up season.

Netflix has strengthened its fan base in Europe by putting up more regional content. Previous Danish shows like ‘Trapped’ and ‘The Chestnut Man’ have garnered native and overseas viewers’ praise. This show was also showered with acclaim from fans and critics, making a solid case for its return. Lastly, the open-ended finale keeps the viewers rooting for more. Therefore, all the signs are in the show’s favor, but the ball ultimately falls in the producers’ court. Netflix usually takes two to three months to look at the viewership data, and if the second season is greenlit by March 2022, we predict ‘Chosen’ season 2 to premiere sometime in fall 2023.

Chosen Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Almost all the central cast members whose characters remain alive till the end of the first season may reprise their roles in the possible second season. In all likelihood, Malaika Mosendane will take up the central role of Emma, alongside Andrea Heick Gadeberg (Marie), Andreas Dittmer (Frederik), Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt (Mads), Mohamed Djeziri (Elvis), and Magnus Juhl Andersen (Jonas).

Also reprising their roles may be Anders Heinrichsen (Lukas), Ken Vedsegaard (Thomas), and Marie Louise Wille (Susan). However, following the deaths of their characters in the first season, Line Kruse (Lykke), Henrik Prip (Hans), and Nicolaj Kopernikus (Adrian) will probably exit the show. We may also see some fresh faces, but it is too early to say anything about that.

Chosen Season 2 Plot: What can it be about?

The first season ends on a dreamy note, albeit not before several shocks. After a brawl with her group, Emma sides with alien Lukas. Meanwhile, she comes to realize that Lykke is hiding something. After spotting Lykke with Susan and Adrian, Lukas encourages Emma to call her. Emma meets Adrian at Mama Thai, and Adrian shows Emma her proper form. As it turns out, Emma is an alien herself.

With the revelation, Emma senses a threat from Lukas. She heads home to find Lykke dead while having a near-death encounter with Lukas. As cars from Astraeus line up in front of her house, Emma escapes in the nick of time. She regroups with other alien refugees at the location specified by Adrian. However, the spaceship explodes, taking down most of the aliens. Lukas snaps Adrian’s head while Emma goes to the aurora-like dreamland.

The anticipated second installment will possibly pick up from the fallout of the first season’s finale. Emma will perhaps be busy looking for more sentient beings from her home planet while reconnecting with her old group. We shall also get some closure on Emma’s love life, and maybe she will end up with Marie. Mads’ journey has also been fascinating to see, and we shall know whether he indeed sides with Astraeus.

We shall also see whether Mads can retrieve his external drive. After Lykke’s death, Emma will perhaps be forced to stay under the radar, but she may receive some help from Susan. We shall also get more insight into the character of Lukas. Lastly, the possible second season will perhaps answer whether Emma and the rest like her can return to their home planet.

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