Who Is Chris From DeMarcus Family Rules? Where Is He Now?

DeMarcus Family Rules‘ is the newest Netflix original series on the streaming service giant. It takes a little step back from the platform’s recent programming and dives deep into the genre of reality TV. Featuring a country bassist, Rascal Flatts member, Jay DeMarcus, and his wife, former beauty queen, Allison Alderson DeMarcus, it is a series that puts all its focus on their lives and how they juggle their career and family. The main locus being their two wonderful kids, Madeline and Dylan.

Apart from them, Allison’s family and friends also have prominent roles. Since the couple has an open door policy and Allison’s well-wishers are the ones who live nearby, they pop by from time-to-time to help the couple out, in everything. Their close bond is one to admire. One such individual, who captured our attention the most because of his open personality and entertaining comments, is Chris. So, let’s find out more about him!


Who Is Chris?

Chris Chambers is a family friend of Allison DeMarcus. For the last 20 years, he has been beside Allison and her mother, Miss Jane, as they direct, plan, and host the beauty pageants in Tennessee. And, from that, their friendship has blossomed. Chris is an individual who genuinely cares about Miss Jane and her well-being, and Allison did not shy away from mentioning how grateful she is for him for that. In the series, even we saw how much he attends to Miss Jane and all her needs. From helping her in decorating her house for the holidays to carrying her bag so that she didn’t trouble herself to drive her to and fro from places where she needed to be, he does it all.

The best part is that he doesn’t act or is treated like just a friend. Chris is a family member who gets involved with all the dramas and arguments and is the one who ensures that Miss Jane doesn’t put too much pressure on herself or is too troubled. He interferes, he comments, and he makes his feelings perfectly clear. As Allison said, he is the son that Miss Jane never had. When Allison and her sister, Amy, are involved with their own kids and families in Nashville, and can’t be there for their mother, Chris can always be counted on to be available. The respect and love that he has for Miss Jane may not be too obvious amongst all the jokes, but it is from the way he treats her.


Where Is Chris Now?

Chris Chambers is a resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a master’s degree in the same from the University of West Georgia. For about 3 decades, he resided in Lafayette, Georgia, and worked in the Walker Country School District as the Director of Student Services. But now, Chris is in Tennessee full-time, working as an affiliate broker at Keller Williams Realty Inc. Along with being a broker for the organization, he is also a member of their creative team. Of course, because of his passion and interest in the beauty world, he still is and probably always will be involved with pageants with Allison DeMarcus and Miss Jane.

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