Christmas Bloody Christmas Ending, Explained: How Does The Santa Die?

You might have binge-watched all the Christmas movies with a heartwarming and lovable ending, so how about a Christmas movie with a bloody climax to spice things up? ‘Christmas Bloody Christmas’ fulfills what the viewers expect it to. With gore, violence, and profanity, the movie is fit for those who hate the jolly festival a little too much. The movie features Riley Dandy, Sam Delich, and Jonah Ray in lead roles.

Directed by Joe Begos, the horror movie follows the survival expedition of Tori, a young girl who just wants to get wasted and party. When a robot Santa malfunctions, she runs across town to escape her death. The movie features the trope of cutting-edge technology gone wrong. Numerous innocent people are brutally killed because of the malfunction. However, one relentless survivor makes it to the very end of ‘Christmas Bloody Christmas.’ Let’s find out more. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Christmas Bloody Christmas Plot Synopsis

Tori and Robbie work in a vinyl record shop. With gothic decor, a dark ambiance, and neon lights, the store sets the dark tone of the movie from the very beginning. Tori and Robbie are good friends with Lahna and Jay, the toy shop owners down the street. It’s Christmas Eve, so the four friends meet up at the toy store for a drink and to exchange gifts.

The toy store has a robotic Santa named RoboSanta+. As Tori and Robbie head out of the store, RoboSanta+ starts to malfunction and moves around independently. With no instruction or help whatsoever, RoboSanta+ goes around the toy store and picks up an axe. In the empty toy store, Jay and Lahna are having sex when suddenly Jay gets stabbed in the back with an axe. Lahna cries for help, but nobody can hear her.

Meanwhile, Tori and Robbie go to a bar to continue celebrating their joyless Christmas. They talk about music, hating Christmas, and the best songs sung about the festival. The news channel on TV talks about RoboSanta+ being recalled from various stores across the country. Finding the news depressing, they turn the TV off. Tori and Robbie leave the bar and go to Tori’s house. Her sister and brother-in-law are there as well. When Tori goes to the kitchen to make more drinks, she witnesses the murder of a child next door.

Stunned and scared, she calls Robbie down to the kitchen and explains the threat. RoboSanta+ disappears out of sight, only to break through Tori’s window. It kills Tori’s sister and brother-in-law. Tori and Robbie escape within an inch of their lives. However, it catches on to them and rams Robbie’s head with the axe. Tori manages to escape again. Police arrive at the location and find the dead bodies of numerous people.

After wreaking havoc at the police station and killing the sheriff, RoboSanta+ moves from place to place in search of Tori. She is the only one who remains alive throughout the evil robot’s misadventures. The fate of RoboSanta+ and Tori is revealed in the gruesome climax of the movie.

Christmas Bloody Christmas Ending: How Does The Santa Die?

Despite getting shot multiple times, the robot never ceases to get back up. The police shoot the robot, and Tori even runs it over with a car. RoboSanta+ manages to endure a lot of damage without the slightest hitch. When it arrives at the police station, Sheriff Monroe and another officer fire at it again, but to no avail. No mortal is able to compete with the mighty, powerful robot. A fire breaks out in front of the police station, and RoboSanta+ survives that as well.

Tori takes a gun and a taser from the police station in case she needs to defend herself. When RoboSanta+ finds her beneath a desk at the station, she takes it and escapes yet again. Both the robot and Tori are relentless in their pursuit. One is keen to kill everyone, whereas the other is determined to make it out of the mess alive.

RoboSanta+ pursues Tori yet again. Throwing it out of the car and lighting the robot on fire doesn’t do the trick either. They end up at her record shop, where the movie’s climax occurs. The movie poetically comes full circle and ends where it started. Tori stabs the robot with a huge sword and puts the sprinklers on. Water corrodes the robot’s open wires and circuits. To ensure its downfall, Tori electrocutes RoboSanta+.

The movie seems to be a reflection of how technological advances can soon get out of hand. Even though it’s man-made, technology can go horribly wrong and end up creating a massacre-like situation. The movie witnesses numerous innocent people’s horrendous deaths at the hands of a so-called friendly robot. Furthermore, the robot is made of such tough substances that it outlives stabbing, fire, water, and even bullets. People fear that artificial intelligence will wipe out the human race in today’s modern world, where technology has taken over the entire world.

Is Tori Alive?

Despite the events of the bloody Christmas eve, our strong female protagonist makes it out alive. She fights the robot Santa to survive with everything she has. It is commendable to see her fight to the very end, given the traumatic incidents of the evening. Tori witnesses the death of all her loved ones in person. She has to sit idly by as the robot kills everyone in his path, from her sister to her dearest friends.

Tori proves to be determined and courageous as she faces the robot Santa by herself. She opts for clever means and figures a way out. The reason she remains the only human alive is that she fights with her brain and not with adrenaline. She knows that it’s a robot, so she uses electricity and water to damage RoboSanta+. Even the police officers started fighting it with bullets under pressure and couldn’t outwit the evil robot.

Why Does The Santa Kill Everyone?

The whole plot of the movie is based on the robot’s ability to function by itself and kill innocent humans. As the robot continues its killing spree, townspeople keep wondering what’s making the supposedly friendly Santa run wild. It picks up the weapon on its own and hunts down people for no apparent reason.

In the beginning, we get to know that RoboSanta+ is actually made by the US Department of Defense. After spending over a trillion dollars on cutting-edge technology, the US military developed robots to combat America’s adversaries around the world. Sowell Robotic Products is the name of the company that built and manufactured RoboSanta+ so that it could replace mall Santas in the country. RoboSanta+ is made with the same military-grade technology and has a full range of motion.

The irony lies in the fact that Sowell Robotic Products claims that the robot is made for the general public so that they can enjoy the technology. Furthermore, they assert that the robot is made to keep families and kids safe. The reality, on the other hand, is quite horrifying. Far from keeping people safe, RoboSanta+ starts murdering innocent people without a cause.

However, given the military-grade construction of the robot, it is plausible that the robot reverted to its original defense firmware. The robot turns out to be lethal in the midst of adversity since America is notorious for taking ruthless measures against its opponents abroad. Its dysfunctional behavior makes sense for a robot that is primarily designed to murder. Despite being created with state-of-the-art technology, RoboSanta+ is still unable to distinguish between the nation’s adversaries and the general populace. The robot executes its instructions exactly as intended in retrospect.

As a result, the news channels in the movie report that the company recalls all of the robot products due to their erratic behavior. The recall shows that Sowell Robotic Products is taking ownership of its mess and making things right. It is one of the better aspects of the film because it expresses an important theme. Companies should take a stand and own their mistakes. Moreover, this makes them more humane in the future, as they will try their best to fix the errors.

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