Courtney Thorne Smith: Where is Next in Fashion Contestant Now?

Image Credit: Courtney Thorne Smith/Instagram

In the reality TV showNext in Fashion‘ on Netflix, 12 gifted fashion designers compete for a $200,000 grand prize and the chance to feature their own clothing brand. For fashion enthusiasts and everyone interested in fashion’s design process and business, ‘Next in Fashion’ is a fun and inspirational program. The show’s second season capitalized on the excitement generated by the contestants’ innovative and original designs. Courtney Thorne Smith demonstrated her skills and convinced the judges that she had what it took to become one of the top designers while fighting to become the next big thing in fashion during season 2. Thus, fans are eager to discover where Courtney is and what she is up to. Let’s find out together!

Courtney Thorne Smith’s Next in Fashion Journey

Courtney Thorne Smith is the perfect queen for creating unique designs. The designer specializes in plus-size models and preaches body positivity and inclusivity. Courtney is among the more mature designers who appeared on the show and impressed the judges with her use of bright colors. Regarding royalty in pop culture, only one name comes up, Queen Bey, AKA Beyonce. Courtney wanted to create her own version of the singer’s style, whereby she attempted to create a regal dress she would rock. She chose the iconic yellow color, one of the literal and metaphorical interpretations of Queen (Bee) Bey (in this case, Beyonce).

Her interpretation of the dress was not simply to show Beyonce’s fashion style but to show the judges the impact and influence of Beyonce’s music on Courtney’s life. She made a plunging V-neck dress with Beyonce’s signature yellow color in a sheer fabric with a silver shimmer. She attempted to create an outfit that was “bright and effervescent.”

While Courtney wanted to create a powerful look, the judges felt her idea didn’t land how she expected it to. According to judge Tan, “I didn’t get power; I got sweet girl.” However, things didn’t look great for Courtney in the second team challenge entitled ‘Wear the Earth.’ All the judges agreed that her dress didn’t feel new and “didn’t feel special.” Ultimately she was eliminated in the episode and went home with a smile on her face.

Courtney Smith is Designing Plus-Size Fashion

Founded in 2013, Courtney Noelle is an independent apparel business owned by New York designer Courtney Smith. She creates unique plus-size apparel and is well renowned for plus-size fashion. Courtney isn’t any novice designer; she has been featured on different and has quite the resume. The beautiful designer with a heart of gold has made appearances on various shows, including ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘Nightline,’ ‘The Melissa Harris-Perry Show,’ and others. A favorite among those involved in plus-size fashion, Courtney’s designs are acclaimed. Several celebrities, including Mary Lambert and Gabourey Sidibe, have been spotted wearing Courtney Noelle’s clothing.

Also wearing Courtney’s design, Danielle Young attended the 51st NAACP Image Awards. When requested to make a gown for Alex Newell’s portrayal of Ursula in ‘The Little Mermaid,’ she produced some of her most fabulous fashion creations. She shared her enthusiasm and happiness on social media and gave a glimpse of her work in the movie.

With a heavy emphasis on sophisticated spunk, Courtney Noelle’s designs convey a powerful message of self-empowerment and confidence. She additionally appeared in front of the camera to model her clothing line. Courtney emphasizes the importance of empowering women who dress as they like. In a recent feature interview with Tudum, Courtney said that the Black women she was nurtured and surrounded by in the Bronx when she was young “shaped” her sense of style. As a young girl, she was instructed to “love and have agency over [her] body.” And that’s precisely how Courtney hopes her customers feel when they wear her clothing.

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