Craig Greenberg Net Worth: How Rich is the OVW Co-Owner?

Given the emphasis that Netflix’s ‘Wrestlers‘ has on Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), it is no surprise that the various people affiliated with it have been well covered in the reality show. One of the most crucial people talked about in the show is none other than Craig Greenberg, whose acquisition of the company in season 1 paved the path for some major changes. Given that he claimed to be the one to come up with the idea of buying shares in the organization, it is only natural for people to wonder more about Craig’s wealth, and we are here to explore the same!

How Did Craig Greenberg Earn His Money?

As it turns out, Craig Greenberg, a Ballard High School alumnus, has a stellar educational background, having studied at the University of Michigan from 1991 to 1995. From there, he gained his Bachelor of Science degree in Political science and government before enrolling at Harvard Law School in 1995 and graduating in 1998 with his Doctor of Law degree. In September 1998, he started serving as a Counsel for Frost Brown Todd.

In March 2006, Craig helped establish 21c Museum Hotels, becoming its President in 2012 and CEO in 2017. In June 2010, he parted ways from Frost Brown Todd and continued to make a name for himself in the world of business. Prior to this, he had become a Board Member for Republic Bank, a position he proudly holds even today. It was in June 2014 that Craig became a member of the Board Of Trustees for the University of Louisville, having been appointed by the Governor of Kentucky, and held that position until January 2017. Not long afterward, in July 2020, Craig stopped working for 21c Museum Hotels.

Since June 2016, Craig has been a Board Member for ISCO Industries. He also holds the position of Advisory Board Member for Grossman Company Properties, having gained the post in September 2020. Additionally, he has been serving as the Founder of Greenberg Group since July 2020. Obviously, we cannot forget his memorable purchase of OVW alongside Matthew “Matt” Jones in January 2021.

Craig is also a well-known name in the political world, having started his mayoral candidacy for Louisville, Kentucky, in April 2021. His campaign was certainly an interesting one, given the near assassination attempt on him by Quintez Brown on February 14, 2022. Nevertheless, he did become the mayor of Louisville as a candidate of the Democratic Party on November 8, 2022, and as of writing, still holds the position.

Craig Greenberg’s Net Worth

A man with a mind for both business and politics, it is not a very big surprise that Craig Greenberg has amassed an impressive amount of wealth over the years. On average, a CEO in Kentucky likely makes around $600,000. Additionally, Board Members make roughly $70,000, while business owners make approximately $60,000. Moreover, it seems like his position as a mayor nets him an annual salary of about $60,000 to $90,000. Keeping all these factors in mind, we believe Craig Greenberg’s net worth to be around $4.5 million.

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