Crazy Delicious Judges: All You Need to Know

Cooking shows are only as serious as the judges who appear in them. ‘Crazy Delicious‘ is one of the more well-loved shows on Netflix and takes us into the competitive spirit of the participants and the positive criticism they receive from the judges. On ‘Crazy Delicious,’ the judges are referred to as ‘Food Gods,’ which is quite high praise to give someone. However, when one looks at their collective accomplishments, it becomes evident that the trio has come a long way in mastering the art of cooking food, and deserve the titles bestowed on them. So, who are the judges and what do you need to know about them?

Heston Blumenthal

Heston Marc Blumenthal is a British celebrity chef who is the owner and proprietor of The Fat Duck, a restaurant in England which has been awarded three Michelin stars. Located in Bray, Berkshire, this is one of the five restaurants in Britain to have received this honor. Despite the popularity of The Fat Duck, Heston does not rest on his laurels. He also owns Dinner in London, which is a restaurant with two Michelin stars. Heston is also the owner of two London pubs in Bray, The Crown at Bray and The Hinds Head, which has a Michelin star.

The celebrity chef is known for inventing recipes for triple-cooked chips and soft-centered Scotch eggs. Heston advocates a scientific approach to cooking and the Kensington born chef has been awarded honorary degrees from Bristol, Reading, and London universities. He’s also an honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Heston is a pioneer of multi-sensory cooking, flavor encapsulation, and food pairing. He’s appeared in several shows like ‘How to Cook Like Heston’ and ‘In Search of Perfection.’ Here’s Heston manning the barbecue.

Carla Hall

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Carla Hall modeled for a while in places like Milan, London, and Paris, which is where she decided to follow the culinary career. Upon returning to the US, she started a lunch service called the Lunch Bunch, before enrolling and graduating from L’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda, Maryland. Then, Carla worked at the Henley Park Hotel and the State Plaza Hotel. She also served as the executive chef at the Washington Club.

In 2001, Carla started her catering company called Alchemy Caterers, which has now been renamed as Alchemy by Carla Hall. However, Hall’s big break came after she appeared on Bravo TV’s ‘Top Chef.’ She has also been part of ABC’s ‘The Chew,’ which is a talk show exploring food from all angles. Here’s Carla enjoying some good food.

Niklas Ekstedt

Finally, we have Niklas, the celebrity Swedish chef. He attended the gastronomic high school of Racklöfska, after which he worked for Charlie Trotter in Chicago. Niklas opened his first restaurant, named after himself, at the age of 21. In 2003, he opened another establishment, called ‘Niklas i Viken.’ It is a summer restaurant. His cooking show, ‘Mat,’ gained popularity among viewers as well. As a result, Niklas has appeared on other cooking shows, even ones targeted at kids.

In the fall of 2008, Niklas and his staff moved to Stockholm to manage Restaurant 1900. In 2011, Niklas opened his second restaurant in Stockholm, called ‘Ekstedt.’ The concept here is to cook all the raw ingredients over an open fire. Apart from owning various popular outlets, and making a name for himself as a celebrity chef, Niklas is also dedicated to what he does. As a result, he has completed short internships at three-star Michelin restaurants including El Bulli in Spain. Here’s a picture of the judge who’s clearly happy that his restaurants are back in business after the pandemic-related lockdown.

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