Crypto Boy Ending, Explained: What Happens to Amir?

Directed by Shady El-Hamus, ‘Crypto Boy’ is a 2023 movie featuring the likes of Shahine El-Hamus, Sabri Saad El-Hamus, Minne Koole, and more. At its core, ‘Crypto Boy’ chronicles the life of Amir, a young man whose circumstances have pushed him to the brink of desperation. Amir is willing to go to great lengths to escape the clutches of poverty.

Fate pins him against Roy Warners, a master of the cryptocurrency game. Roy tantalizes Amir with promises of fulfilling his dreams through a series of investment schemes that seem too good to be true. Amir, captivated by Roy’s promises, decides to join his company, not realizing that this seemingly golden opportunity may very well become the biggest blunder of his life. Are you curious to see what troubles Amir faces in his mission to become rich? Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Crypto Boy.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Crypto Boy Plot Synopsis

Amir (Shahine El-Hamus) is a young man with a zero sense of responsibility. He’s everything his father doesn’t want him to be – irresponsible, lazy, and a daydreamer. Amir’s father, Omar (Sabri Saad El-Hamus), runs a small takeaway restaurant and works from morning to night to take care of the mounting bills. Amir, on the other hand, sells cheap products to young boys looking to grow a mustache to impress girls. Things escalate when Omar’s landlord increases the rent twofold, leaving him with only two options- either move out and accept the compensation or pay the rent. While making one of his deliveries, Amir comes across Roy (Minne Koole), a wealthy man who has made his money in cryptocurrency.

Roy runs a trading company that deals in cryptocurrency, offering people 3-5 percent interest every day on their initial investment. Captivated by Roy’s speech, Amir decides to try his luck in cryptocurrency. He downloads Roy’s app and tries to convince his father to invest a significant amount of cash. Omar, on the other hand, advises him to work hard and not rely on shortcuts. Amir presses Omar for money again, and when he refuses, Amir leaves his restaurant in anger. The following day, Amir manages to secure a job at Roy’s company after convincing one of his friends to invest a considerable amount in cryptocurrency via Roy’s company. However, Roy warns Amir that he’s going to sue him if he costs him money. On the other hand, Omar is forced to do the deliveries alone ever since Amir left his job. 

On the first day of the job, Amir earns a huge bonus, an amount he believes he could’ve never earned while doing deliveries for his father. Amir feels that things are finally changing, and soon, he’ll amass enough money to buy a lavish house and a luxury car. He also hopes to become financially independent like Roy. Roy’s company targets young people looking for quick ways to make money. Other than that, his clientele also includes wealthy sports stars, rappers, and musicians, with millions of followers. Amir begins learning every nook and cranny of cryptocurrency and soon rises through the ranks and becomes one of Roy’s most revered salesmen.

Amir starts earning more money than he can spend. He is convinced that his father was wrong and cryptocurrency is the easiest and fastest way to become rich. Yes, Omar is old, but he doesn’t understand how the modern world works. Amir doesn’t care about his father’s restaurant now and is able to easily digest the fact that his father is doing deliveries while he’s sipping expensive wines with his posh clients. Amir tries to convince his father to give up on his restaurant, stating it died years ago. He advises him to take the compensation, like Bertha (Loes Schnepper) and others. Omar is heartbroken to hear this, as he has always considered Bertha and others her family so much that he never charged them for food and drinks. 

Like everyone else, Amir, too, falls for the allure. He starts attending late-night parties and doing drugs. Amir learns about his father’s accident from Danny. Amir goes to check on his father, but the nurse advises him to come back tomorrow. At his home, Amir goes through the old pictures and realizes how distant he has become ever since he started working for Roy’s company. Amir, to rectify his errors, decides to resume the restaurant renovation. He starts by buying state-of-the-art stoves for the restaurant kitchen. 

Tension escalates when the banks freeze Roy’s account, stopping him from paying his clients the returns he had promised them. Roy then decides to make use of Amir’s account. He transfers a huge amount to Amir’s account, asking him to transfer the money to a different offshore account. Amir complies but soon receives a call from the bank asking about the nature of those transactions. The issue is that Amir’s account has not previously registered amounts like this, suggesting some misconduct. Amir tries discussing this with Roy, who tells him not to worry.

Unfortunately, things start to go downhill from here. Vic, one of Roy’s clients, walks into his building and beats him in front of his employees, demanding his money. Roy tries to assure Vic that his investment is safe and will soon show in his account. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, as Vic later posts a video on social media labeling Roy’s company, Cryocore Capital, a scam. Vic asserts that Roy and his employees are con artists, and they lure clients with the promise of impressive returns. However, Vic wasn’t the only one having problems accessing his money. Thousands of people confirm Vic’s claims, stating they can’t access their money either. Amir, on the other hand, is still under the impression that Roy and his company are legit and it’s all just a misunderstanding or a technical mistake. 

Crypto Boy Ending Explained: What Happens to Amir’s Money?

One of the clients leaks Roy’s address on the internet, forcing him to go into hiding. Amir goes to check Roy’s house and finds it empty. Amir continuously tries accessing his money but fails. In reality, he has liquified his father’s entire life savings into cryptocurrency. Not to mention, Amir’s next-door neighbor, Bertha, has also invested everything she received in compensation. Omar returns home and appreciates Amir for renovating his restaurant. However, Amir couldn’t bring himself to reveal to his father that he had gambled his life savings on a Ponzi scheme.

Unfortunately, the truth eventually comes out when the cops visit Amir. They reveal to him that Roy’s a scammer and used his account to transfer money overseas. Amir apologizes to Bertha and his father for what he has done, but it is too late. Amir gets a call from Jack, who informs that Roy has hired big-league lawyers to protect him. All Amir needs to do is keep his mouth shut. Amir has another plan in mind and rushes to Roy’s house to confront him. He catches Roy on his phone with his dad. Amir confronts Roy, calling him a scammer and asking him to get his money.

The banks have frozen everything, leaving Roy with nothing. Amir, boiling with anger, tries to kill Roy but changes his mind after his father intervenes. As the movie draws to a close, Omar decides to sell his restaurant and use the compensation to buy their next-door shop, something his son has been suggesting to him all along. Amir also starts helping his father run their new restaurant. The movie ends with Amir making amends with Bertha, offering her to grab a bite from his new restaurant.

What Happens to Roy?

Roy was quite the slick operator who knew all the angles when it came to roping in people looking to become rich quickly. His crew was well-versed in targeting ambitious young men who thought they’d hit the jackpot sooner rather than later. Roy didn’t stop there; even the big shots with massive followings were in his crosshairs, all in the name of pulling in more investments for his enterprise. He’d lure them in with these grand promises of incredible returns, but, in reality, he was stringing everyone along. 

At first, he did play it straight, giving his clients decent returns to gain their trust. But once he had them eating out of his hand, he started funneling their hard-earned cash into some offshore account. Eventually, though, word got out about his scheme, and the heat was on. Roy had to make a quick exit. He got nabbed later but managed to slip out on bail, thanks to his father. Towards the end of the whole story, we see Roy having a conversation with his father about drawing up a list of assets. That’s a pretty clear signal that the banks are twisting his arm, making him sell off his property to settle the debts he owes to his clients. If he can pull it off, he might just dodge the jail time, but if not, he’ll be thrown behind bars for years. 

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