Dan Stein: Where is the Queer Eye Season 7 Hero Now?

Although a reboot of the 2000s Bravo eponymous series, Netflix’s David Collins-created ‘Queer Eye‘ takes the whole concept of extreme, intimate makeover reality to an unprecedented new level. That’s because it follows five professionals (the Fab Five) as they lend their expertise in culture, design, fashion, food, and grooming to help individuals (Heroes) live up to their full potential. Amongst them was actually none other than local New Orleans celebrity Dan Stein in season 7, episode 5 — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him, we’ve got the details for you.

Dan Stein’s Queer Eye Journey

If there’s just one word that can ever be used to describe Dan, it would have to be “enigma” considering the way he is locally known as either the rudest or the most kind-hearted being ever. After all, the 49-year-old has been the proud owner-operator of Stein’s Market & Deli for the past 15+ years, during which he has managed to make it (and himself) the center of the community. This may have been inadvertent, but he did it through crazy ad campaigns, brutal honesty with customers, massive portion sizes without issues, and unwavering empathy toward those in need.

However, the reason Dan got nominated for a complete transformation was because he was a workaholic through and through — he usually spent over 80 hours, seven days/week, at the deli. This actually would’ve been okay at one point in time, yet him continuing this pattern even upon getting into his first serious relationship (ever) two years prior concerned everyone involved. The truth is he knew his partner Cara desired more than merely sleeping in the same bed together from their relationship, so it was his admitted willingness to change that drove his nomination.

“[Dan] is so busy at the deli that he can’t change his clothes and shave his face,” Cara, a successful CEO, said in the production while indicating she was half-in, half-out of their romance. “I’ve only taken Dan to one work event. He was late, and then he was wearing all of his deli clothes… He promptly sat down in one of the chairs and fell asleep.” Nevertheless, she stayed with the former lawyer because she knew he was raised right, had a massive heart, and genuinely cared for not only her but also her two daughters; it’s just she needed to know if she could count on him too.

That’s when the Fab Five came in to make Dan realize even the littlest efforts in terms of his own actions, gestures, grooming, and style can go a long way with both Cara as well as life in general. Yet it was the fact this Pennsylvania native was responding positively to their advice, was open to further criticism, and later expressed gratitude for the process that made all the difference. In other words, with his compliance as well as sincere questions to elevate himself, he essentially proved he would do anything for Cara if it made him a better man, more in touch with his reality.

Dan Stein is Focusing on His Health and Family Today

“I know I’m in a toxic, co-dependent relationship with the deli,” Dan had candidly said in the series at one point. “If I were Samson, the deli’s my hair. There’s this sort of frustration where you just say, ‘Is this all I have? Is this all I’m meant to do, is come to this place and never smell the roses and never take a break?'” Though by the end, apart from making a list of all the areas he felt he could improve in for Cara, the reshaped entrepreneur had also concluded he could step away from the deli’s front register from time to time to help his own connection with it following 15 years.

Therefore, we’re happy to report that it appears as if Dan has since evolved from what he’d learned through the Fab Five and the entire makeover process to strike a proper work-life balance. He’s still the proud owner-operator of Stein’s Market & Deli without an heir in sight, but his social media presence makes it evident he is continuing to focus on his overall health, hobbies, and family as well. As for his relationship with Cara, while it’s unclear precisely where they stand today as they both prefer to keep their personal life on the down low, we do believe they could still be involved owing to everything they’d gone through together.

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