Dance Brothers Ending, Explained: Do Roni and Sakari Perform at HIDF?

Netflix’s ‘Dance Brothers’ is a Finnish drama series created by Mahsa Malka that stars Samuel Kujala and Roderick Kabanga as the titular ride-or-die Luoto Brothers. Sakke and Roni are skilled dancers looking to make it as big-time artists. When an opportunity presents itself, the brothers find themselves becoming co-owners of a club called “Laundry.” However, soon Sakke and Roni’s differing ambitions and competitive personalities start to drive a wedge between them. As their relationship spirals out of control, it threatens to ruin everything they have ever worked for. If you’re curious to see how the dynamic between the Luoto Brothers develops and how it affects their professional careers as dancers and club owners, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Dance Brothers.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Dance Brothers Plot Synopsis

After several failed auditions and an overflow of odd dancing jobs, an overly ambitious Roni decides he and his younger brother, Sakke, need to secure money to fund their own artistic projects. He comes up with the idea to enter the biggest dance festival in Finland, HIDF, by joining Arvola’s dance crew. However, Roni fails Arvola’s audition, and Sakke decides not to tell his brother that he got in. As such, both brothers are left without a gig and decide to go to a party with other local dancers.

At the party, Sakke encounters Karo, who works with trendy music artist Angelo as his choreographer. Shortly after, the two brothers get into an altercation with a group of men and flee from the party. They find an abandoned store to hide in, and Sakke realizes the property would make for the perfect club venue. As he bounces ideas around with Roni, someone enters the store, following up on a security breach. The next day, the storeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Bosch, offer the brothers a great deal to rent out the place and start their club.

Sakke convinces Roni to take a chance on the club, and soon they move out of their mother’s house and renovate the place into Club Laundry. They invite all their friends to the opening night, including Karo, who brings Angelo and his crew. However, the club is near-empty and doesn’t seem promising at all. After Roni and Angelo get off on the wrong foot, Sakke persuades him to strike up a business deal with Angelo.

As such, the next night, Angelo plays at their venue, and his performance brings in a crowd. The arrangement between Angelo and the Luoto brothers soon extends and proves to be profitable for both parties. Soon, Karo asks Sakke out, and the two start dating. Meanwhile, a dance-off video between Sakke and Roni at their club goes viral and piques the attention of HIDF’s social media account. Eventually, Roni tries to enter the HIDF again and attends a theater art piece by Arvalo as a way to network with other people. At the event, he runs into an old friend, Viima. Regardless of their tense history, Roni offers Viima a spot on his dance crew, Drastic.

Viima is initially dismissive but inadvertently agrees to join him. Viima introduces Roni to Ranta, a HIDF organizer. In order to impress Ranta with their talent, Roni invites her for a dance-off event at their club inspired by the viral “Fire Vs. Ice” video. As their club increases in popularity, Sakke starts dabbling in drugs and pills, unearthing an old problem. As a result, some tension grows between Sakke and Roni. The tension spills out over the dance floor during the Fire Vs. Ice event as both brothers get overtly competitive about winning. Nevertheless, at the end of the event, Ranta offers Drastic a spot at HIDF due to their ability to draw in huge crowds.

However, things start going downhill as Roni prioritizes Drastic over Laundy, and Sakke focuses more on the club than dance rehearsals. At the same time, Sakke’s relationship with Karo crumbles under the weight of his drug addiction. After a fire at Laundry, Sakke learns about a bet Roni and Angelo made about the Fire Vs. Ice competition in pursuit of borrowing some money from Angelo. Roni bet against Sakke winning. Consequently, he put their club in considerable debt.

Drastic starts to fall apart after a dispute between the brother. Likewise, even after the brothers make amends, Viima gets sick of Roni’s all-consuming passion for dance and negligence for their friendship and quits. Inversely, their club also takes a hit when Angelo reveals to Sakke that his brother lost his share of the club to Angelo from the bet. However, things worsen even further for the Luoto brothers when Roni injures his ankle only a few days before Drastic’s premiere performance at HIDF.

Dance Brothers Ending: Does Drastic Perform At HIDF Dance Festival?

Roni always envisions Drastic as a three-person dance crew and finds the perfect fit in Viima. Initially, Ranta tries to push for a performance with only Roni and Sakke to please Fire Vs. Ice fans, but Roni insists his choreography is much better than a dance-off. Throughout the show, Roni is incredibly passionate about dancing and seems to care about little else. As such, he disregards Viima’s feelings for him, which leads to Viima’s quitting.

However, Roni adapts quickly and changes his choreography to fit a two-person crew. Nevertheless, the change brings some criticism from Ranta, who wants to dissolve their contract immediately. Still, the board likes Drastic’s new approach and thinks it will expose HIDF to a younger audience. As such, Ranta can’t fire them and has to greenlight their changed choreography.

Still, after Roni injures his ankle during an intense dance rehearsal, he starts to lose hope. He tries to push through, but his ankle doesn’t allow him to perform complex moves. Eventually, Roni comes up with a solution and asks Sakke to switch dance roles with him. Since Sakke’s part in the choreography doesn’t have as many complex movements, Roni easily picks it up. However, Sakke has to put in hours of effort to learn Roni’s role and execute the moves properly.

Eventually, the premiere rolls around, and the brothers get ready for the final show. Their dress rehearsal doesn’t go too well, and Roni experiences a panic attack the night before the show. Nevertheless, when the time comes, both brothers get up on the stage and perform. While dancing, Sakke recalls all the times he had felt mistreated by his brother, and his anger starts to affect the performance. The brothers stray from their choreography, and a scuffle breaks out. However, as they fight and dance together, they wordlessly work through their issues, creating a new performance overall. When it ends, Drastic is met with applause and praise by the HIDF audience.

What Happens To Club Laundry?

Though Roni only sees Laundry as a side hustle, Sakke is really invested in the business and wants to see it succeed. He shoulders most of the responsibilities for the Club and puts in hours to ensure it keeps running smoothly. At times, he even gives up his drug addiction in order to fix the situation but receives no support from Roni. Moreover, Angelo becomes envious of Laundry’s success as well as Sakke’s relationship with Karo. As such, Angelo decides to open an identical club called Kiddo, with Karo as the face of the brand. He also poaches Laundry’s DJ.

Likewise, Angelo also wins Roni’s shares in Laundry after a bet and becomes part owner of the Sakke’s club. However, Sakke has to focus on the HIDF premiere. Therefore he cannot deal with Angelo right now and has to run the club according to him since he loaned them money for the post-fire renovations.

Meanwhile, after Karo takes revenge on him for mistreating her at work, Angelo’s career plummets. Angelo plans on releasing a song based on a lullaby Karo’s grandmother used to sing to her. However, his approach to the project is disrespectful. Therefore, right before the song’s release, Karo reveals to the public that Angelo stole the song. As such, Angelo’s agent dissolves his contract, and Angelo no longer has many prospects.

In the end, Angelo tries to use Club Laundry to release his song to the public regardless of the backlash. However, before the HIDF premiere, Mrs. Bosch tells Saake that she and her husband have the right of redemption over the brothers’ club shares. As such, Roni cannot wager his shares without breaching his contract with them. Likewise, after the premiere, Roni tells Sakke that he’ll help Sakke save Laundry. As of season one’s ending, Laundry’s future seems bleak. However, the Luoto brothers may eventually restore it to its glory if the show gets greenlit for a second season.

Does Drastic Disband?

At the end of the show, Roni and Sakke’s two-member dance crew, Drastic, comes to an end. Throughout the show, Sakke’s lack of intense passion for dancing creates a lot of friction between the brothers. Likewise, Roni is an obsessive perfectionist with choreography. As such, Roni’s all-consuming devotion to dance clashes with Sakke’s dream of running a successful club.

The brothers get into numerous fights around this center of conflict, and Sakke even quits at one point. Roni probably realizes then that Sakke has never been as serious about a dancing career as Roni is. He also learns that Sakke vehemently cares about the club and constantly puts a lot of effort into the same. Therefore, after their HIDF premiere performance, Roni decides it’s time for both brothers to pursue their own dreams. Even though Ranta offers them a gig in Warsaw and alludes to a world tour, Roni declines her offer so that Sakke can do what he really loves.

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