Daniella Grace: The FBoy Island Star is a Former Snowboarder

Image Credit: Daniella Grace/Instagram

Torn between opposites, season 3 of ‘FBoy Island’ features Daniella Grace in a tropical paradise as she seeks to find the man of her dreams. However, things aren’t black and white, as she must uncover the true intention of her prospects. While some hope to make a true connection with Daniella, others have joined the CW reality television show to secure the cash prize. Distinguishing between the “Nice Guys” and self-proclaimed “FBoys” becomes an arduous task for the reality star, who is prone to finding the good in others. Given her journey in the series, fans have grown curious and want to know more about the reality star. So, if you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Daniella Grace was a Snowboarding Prodigy

Daniella’s introduction to the slopes came as soon as she started walking. Born on May 21, 1990, into a family of skiers, the television personality wasn’t foreign to the adventures of the snow. The Lake Tahoe native spent the better part of her youth surrounded by the fresh mountain air. Like her family, the prodigy took to skiing and snowboarding effortlessly. By the age of 14, she had made acquaintances with Mike Basich, a pioneer snowboarder with memorable highlights in his career.

A young Daniella had also earned an opportunity to ride for his shop, Riders Union. In many ways, this became the springboard for Daniella’s journey as a professional. She became a pro by the age of 16 and exponentiated her journey in the sports. From earning her first sponsor to finding opportunities in the sport she loved, the reality star had hoped to scale her abilities consistently. Besides her penchant for athleticism, Daniella also completed her preliminary education. Based in California, the 33-year-old has since traversed other paths.

Daniella Grace Has Made Her Mark as a Model

While her aspirations to become an athlete and compete as a professional snowboarder had consistently pushed her, things changed when an unexpected issue occurred. At the age of 20, Daniella had to cease her professional trajectory as a snowboarder after a major injury hindered her full recovery. Despite seeing her chances in snowboarding derail, she wasn’t deterred from exploring other avenues of success.

In fact, she has even taken to her Instagram to talk about the growth she’s achieved despite facing unexpected curveballs. Just as she completed her preliminary education, Daniella realized her talent in front of the cameras. The actress bagged her start in ‘Sand Castles,’ a movie that chronicles the journey of a family wrought by tragic events. Helmed by Clenét Verdi-Rose, the film wasn’t just critically acclaimed but also won awards at film festivals.

Even though her on-screen debut hinted at a prospective career in entertainment, Daniella decided to peruse other lanes. Ultimately, the television personality decided to become a model. The surfing enthusiast then redirected her focus to solidifying her spot in the industry. In the next few years, she not only gained ample collaborations with brands but also had the opportunity to work on prominent campaigns. In addition, she even kickstarted a personal blog. Daniella’s blog, Style+Grace, allowed her to share her latest escapades and adventures with people across the world. With a penchant for witnessing the untainted beauty of indigenous places, the former actress began to map her journey to unique places across the globe.

Daniella had briefly lived in Italy and had chronicled her experiences in the exotic country on her blog. With an authentic representation of the tourist hub, she quickly amassed a significant readership for her blog. By laying out her heart in the stories, Daniella continued to grow as an individual and professional. She quickly channeled her passion for blogging into creating a niche for herself on social media.

It wasn’t long before she rose to success as a social media influencer and began collaborating with brands and gaining sponsors. With a prolific career, Daniella now partners with renowned clothing and fashion brands. She is also a representative for Carve, a brand that specializes in accessories and clothes for snow sports. Besides working with Wilhelmina Models, she even associated with Fifth Models. Daniella is in the process of creating her swimwear brand, Aniki Collection. She is also a real estate investor.

Daniella Grace’s Dating Life Has Been Interesting

No, Daniella Grace is not dating anyone at the moment. Thankfully, the media personality retains the confidence to distinguish between the genuine actions and performative connection displayed by men in ‘FBoy Island.’ While the reality star seems to be single at the moment, she has been connected to others in the past. In 2020, speculations about Daniella’s dating life arose.

She was rumored to be with Brody Jenner after the two were spotted together on multiple occasions. It was speculated that Daniella had traveled to Utah to attend the Sundance Film Festival with the former ‘The Hills’ star. The duo were photographed together on another occasion. After the two were seen leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles in the same car, fans were convinced that something was brewing between them. Both Daniella and Brody, however, did not address the nature of their relationship publicly or confirm their relationship on social media. Nevertheless, Daniella now hopes to find the person of her dreams in ‘FBoyIsland.’ Consequently, we continue to look forward to all the new personal and professional milestones that await her!

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