David and The Elves Ending, Explained

With director Michal Rogalski running the sleigh, ‘David and The Elves’ (‘Dawid I Elfy’) is a hilarious and heart-touching Polish original Christmas-themed fantasy movie. A witty and modern take on the age-old myth of Santa Claus makes for a roving journey ideal to kickstart the Christmas season. The film follows disillusioned elf Albert as he comes to modern-day Warsaw to meet his ardent believer Dawid. Although characteristically mischievous and careless, Albert slowly learns the ways of humankind and has his own coming-of-age. The story between myth and realism is well-rounded, but you may need to know what happens in the end. Let us take you back to the magical eve. SPOILERS AHEAD.

David and The Elves Plot Synopsis

Piotr and Hania celebrate Christmas with Hania’s parents with their pre-adolescent son, Dawid. They plan to relocate to Wilanow, Warsaw, for better career opportunities. On Santa’s abode, elves prepare for that time of the year. Elf Albert has won the year’s employee for five years, although he is eager to make fun of his fellow elf Erwin. Thanks to the sleight of hand of Albert, Dawid receives a miniature Albert in the place of his original gift.

He is excited, although Piotr does not know how the gift came into being. One year later, the family lives in an urban neighborhood in Warsaw. Piotr’s boss calls Piotr on the eve of Christmas to remind him of the presentation. Albert spies on the world underneath to find Dawid looking at the sky. Albert wonders why elves cannot visit earth, but Santa tells him how dangerous humans can be. Humans almost caught him while delivering presents in Warsaw in 2004, Berlin in 1923, and Nowy Jork in 1992.

The words of Santa impact Albert significantly, and he starts to think about the futility of their delivery chore every year. Albert descends on earth from a giant snowball and embarks upon a series of misadventures with Dawid to resolve his doubt. His enthusiastic attempts to grant people’s wishes often end in disasters, and Albert loses his magical powers. The family comes together when things look grim, and Albert has his epiphany.

David and The Elves Ending: Can Dawid and Albert Find Christmas?

After being bullied by some kids, Dawid is on his way out of the park. He sees Albert coming out of the snow on the other side of the road. While crossing, Albert is almost hit by a car before he magically turns it into a toy truck. The dazed driver chases Albert to get his vehicle back. But thanks to more mischief from Albert, the driver’s shoes turn into a mono-cycle, and he falls into the lake. The driver loses his car, which is probably his only mode of income, but Albert cannot understand the ways of humans.

In turn, he loses more energy from the belief meter that Erwin gives him earlier. To get the levels up, he only has to make people happy, but Albert soon realizes how difficult it is to make people believe in the magic of Christmas these days. Although Stephan, the guy in the shopping mall, dreams of boating alone on a tranquil lake, it is not what he wants. With his mischiefs, Albert spends all the magical power in his gadget and drifts around with Dawid.

Dawid has an idea where they can find Christmas – in his grandparents’ house. Dawid leaves a note for his parents and sets out on a hike with Albert with the deduction. However, due to heavy snowfall, they cannot reach Dawid’s grandparents and are forced to spend the night in the woods. Mr. and Mrs. Claus descend on earth and look for Piotr’s house. Santa’s cover is the dress of a plumber, but those like Hania who believe in magic can see right through his guise.

Santa tells the family that they are looking for their son, Albert. Hania deduces that Dawid and Albert may be at the grandparents’ house. Piotr and Hania agree to give the couple a ride to Hania’s parents. Meanwhile, without his energy, Albert has turned into a doll when Dawid reaches his grandparents’ house. He runs into the house, but they do not find Christmas. Dawid’s grandparents do not want to add another dead tree to the planet’s woes for the sake of tradition. But the family comes together, and isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Albert’s powers also come back, but not because of the Christmas celebration.

How Does Albert’s Power Come Back?

Dawid finds Albert in the backyard of his grandparents’ house, back in the old form. Albert has come back, and he thanks Dawid for bringing back his powers. We see the driver’s car returning to its original shape, the life-sized Albert replica at the Piotr’s Warsaw residence changing back to a tree, and Stefan returning to his original place at the mall. Order is restored, but Albert does not clearly explain how he finds his powers back until the final moments of the story.

Albert gets his powers back by believing in himself, as he tells Erwin in the finality of events. The story also sees Albert coming of age – while he is keen to please people to gain followers at the beginning of the story, he realizes that the true power comes from within in the end. However, Dawid may have a part to play in Albert’s epiphany. Dawid’s relentless quest to find Christmas reinstates the belief of Albert in Christmas, and in turn, in himself.

What is David’s Present?

On their way back to the north pole, Albert is keen on using more magic to tie up loose ends. He places a present for Hania at the end of her childhood treasure hunt. Next up, Albert wants to leave a gift for Dawid. In the end, although everyone gets what they want for Christmas, Dawid does not receive anything. When Albert asks Dawid what he wants for Christmas, Dawid cannot think of anything. He assures Albert that he has everything he needs, apart from the dress that his father promised him.

In the end, Hania follows the trail of her treasure hunt, although Piotr tries to warn them of there being no present. However, Albert knows what Hania wants, and she receives her cherry pitter. But Dawid does not get anything, or does he? Mrs. Claus reveals to Dawid on their way back to the North Pole that Dawid wanted to meet a real elf for Christmas. Therefore, by making friends with Albert, Dawid is granted his Christmas present. The rebellion of Albert was perhaps something Santa himself orchestrated to give Dawid the elaborate gift.

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