Deontré Hancock: Where is Next in Fashion Season 2 Finalist Now?

Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion‘ is a reality series for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The show’s emphasis on the futuristic approach to clothing has helped it earn a huge fan following. Of course, it would not be the same without its talented contestants, who are always eager to express themselves through their designs. However, few competitors understood the assignment as thoroughly as Deontré Hancock, whose stellar performance from start to finish helped him earn a position in the season 2 finale of the show. Needless to say, his admirers are excited to learn what the fashion expert is up to these days.

Deontré Hancock’s Next in Fashion Journey

Just after entering ‘Next in Fashion,’ Deontré impressed the hosts and the judges with his work. The first challenge for the show was around the concept of royalty, and the designer kept hip-hop in mind for his work. The result was a regal presentation of conventional hip-hop streetwear that quickly impressed everyone, including the legendary Donatella Versace. This started Deontré’s reign as one of the top competitors as he continued to dominate the competition.

For the third challenge of the season, the participants had to utilize used clothes and upcycle them to create eye-catching looks. Working with denim, Deontré created a look that had the viewers dropping their jaws. This meant that he tied for the top position alongside Nigel Xavier. Deontré may not have won the top spot for the upcoming challenges, yet he remained a strong contender thanks to his work that never failed to impress the judges.

Ultimately, the competition was down to Deontré, Nigel, and Bao Tranchi. Knowing how crucial it was to have his final collection represent him, he used his signature puffer style and created looks that people could not help but wish to wear. Many judges agreed that the designer had created his own universe, and they were eager to be a part of it. However, the judges felt a few details could have been improved.

Ultimately, the judges crowned Nigel the winner, though they agreed that the competition was too close and the other two finalists were among the best in the industry. Judge Jennifer Hyman even stated that Deontré was perhaps the most likely person to revolutionize the fashion industry in the next 10-15 years.

Deontré Hancock is Promoting His Work Now

As of writing, Deontré is based in Washington DC, though he is known for traveling across the country to promote his work and enjoy life to the fullest. His brand, Hoodlvm, primarily focuses on streetwear that nobody can deny is exceptionally stylish. The designer has also been ecstatic about his appearance on the Netflix series and thanked everyone who supported him throughout his journey.

In particular, Deontré expressed his appreciation for his parents. “This one is for my mom and dad! They believed and pushed me from the very beginning and still do to this day,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “Being from the urban areas of Washington DC, you don’t believe dreams like these are possible. You run into a lot of roadblocks to get to where you’re going. But if I can make it here, I know you can too.” Besides, Deontré seems close to his sister Nia, who came to attend the finale of ‘Next in Fashion’ season 2.

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