Why Did Alexa Chung Leave Next in Fashion? Where is She Now?

Image Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix

When it comes to the world of fashion, there are few shows as good as ‘Next in Fashion.’ Focused on the future of apparel, the reality series is known for wowing viewers with its unique and futuristic designs that the participants come up with. Whether or not you would wear these looks, you have to admit that they never fail to catch the eye. Although one of the most crucial elements of the fashion show that make it what it is is the energy the hosts bring to it.

The show’s debut season saw Alexa Chung partnering with Tan France (of ‘Queer Eye‘ fame) to guide the participants. Needless to say, fans were quite surprised that the second installment of the show had him standing alongside the gorgeous Gigi Hadid instead. While we love her with all our hearts, we are sure that fans of the show are curious about why Alexa is not a part of the show anymore.

Alexa Chung’s Focus on Other Ventures

On January 31, 2022, Netflix announced it would bring back ‘Next in Fashion.’ The show was canceled in 2020 after the release of its first season, much to the fans’ disappointment. However, the second iteration of the show had Gigi Hadid replacing Alexa Chung as one of the hosts, which sparked questions about the reasons behind the possible change. Presently, none of the involved parties have given any official reasons regarding this particular development.

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

It should be noted that when the Netflix show was canceled after the first season, all the contracts involving the series, including those regarding the original hosts, Alexa Chung and Tan France, would have probably been nullified. To launch the second season, the showrunners would have had to start from scratch with the recruitment. Whether or not the network decided to approach Alexa for the second season is unknown.

Possibly, the makers may have decided to try a new approach alongside a new host for the show’s second season. Given just how intrinsically involved Tan France is with Netflix, his presence is a familiar relief as he partners with the new host for the new season. The show’s second installment has some significant changes compared to its predecessor. This includes that season 2 has a predominantly US-based cast, whereas the first iteration had participants from worldwide, including South Korea, England, China, India, and Italy.

Image Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix

It also could be possible that Alexa may have decided not to go forward as a host for her own reasons. The news of her discontinuing her eponymous fashion label was released in March 2022, and it is possible that the British fashionista chose to focus more on her other ventures than being part of the Netflix show. Regardless, fans across the world are sure to miss Alexa’s presence in the fashion series, though Gigi Hadid’s work is nothing less commendable.

Alexa Chung is Thriving as a Fashion Expert Today

Despite her absence from the Netflix show, Alexa Chung remains a prominent figure in the fashion world. She attended the 2023 LVMH Prize Cocktail Event while wearing a stunning black mini dress adorned with a white neckline, immediately capturing the public’s attention. Besides, Alexa’s fashion choices for the recent New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week have been showered with compliments.

On the other hand, Alexa seems to be thriving in her life as a fashion expert and has a YouTube channel with more than 486 thousand subscribers as of writing. Since July 2022, she has been romantically linked with ‘Sandman‘ actor Tom Sturridge. The two have been seen together in public numerous times and were even spotted enjoying a walk in New York. Nevertheless, we wish Alexa and her loved ones the best and look forward to her upcoming ventures.

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