Is Desperados a True Story?

There are some movies that go beyond the scope of one’s imagination in epic manners. Then, there are movies that prove to be extremely relatable yet engaging and unpredictable. Netflix’s ‘Desperados‘ is definitely the latter. It takes a scary premise that all of us fear and converts it into a full-fledged film that is surprisingly filled with enough gags throughout to keep viewers engaged.

The relatable premise is the reversal of an angry email. ‘Desperados’ revolves around a woman named Wesley or Wes who has been trying to find the one. She finally manages to meet Jared who seems to be flawless. As a matter of fact, he is so perfect that Wes starts to doubt whether he might be hiding something. These doubts exacerbate when Jared does not communicate with Wes for several days at a stretch. As a result, she ends up sending Jared a long, angry email. However, Jared calls Wes to let her know that he had met with an accident, not having seen the email. To save her love, Wes decides to head to Mexico to delete the angry email.

The character of Wes is essayed by Nasim Pedrad. She is best known for appearing in prominent productions such as ‘New Girl,’ ‘Mulaney,’ ‘Aladdin,’ and ‘Scream Queens.’ Starring opposite Pedrad is Robbie Amell who plays the character of Jared. Amell is best known for starring in the The CW series, ‘The Flash‘ and the Amazon Original, ‘Upload.’  Some of the other cast members include Lamorne Morris, Anna Camp, Heather Graham, and Sarah Burns. The film is directed by LP.

Is Desperdaos Based on a True Story?

Several viewers might have wondered whether ‘Desperados’ is based on a true story because it feels rather relatable. However, the plot of ‘Desperados’ is completely fictional and is not based on or inspired by a true story at all. Even though its story feels relatable because the emotion of love is universal and the overall message that the film gives is appealing.

In the movie, Wesley is depicted to be hiding her problems and true self to make her relationship with Jared work. Hence, she does not really like him. She just likes the idea of him and being in a long-lasting relationship. She desperately wants something in her life to work out. This idea of loving oneself and working on one’s own issues before jumping into a relationship is universal. It is necessary to love oneself before attempting to love somebody else. This relatability is the reason some viewers must have wondered whether the story of ‘Desperados’ is based on actual events.

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