Where Was Desperados Filmed?

They say words, once uttered, cannot be taken back. Actions cannot be undone. However, out of the several benefits of technology, online communication has somewhat made that possible too. Somewhat. ‘Desperados’ is a Netflix comedy movie that uses that concept to present a hilarious laugh-riot with romance at its core. The movie is more com than rom, and a less-creepy (and less scary) version of ‘You.’

‘Desperados’ follows the character of Wesley or Wes who is trying to find the one. When she meets Jared, the perfect guy, it seems as if all her prayers have been answered. Jared is so flawless that Wes starts to think something must be wrong. When he does not communicate with her for several days, Wes sends him an angry email. However, Jared soon calls Wes to let her know that he had met with an accident in Mexico, without having seen her email. What does Wes do next? Well, obviously, she heads to Mexico to delete the email!

The role of Wes is essayed by Nasim Pedrad while that of Jared is played by Robbie Amell. Pedrad is best known for starring productions such as ‘New Girl‘ and ‘Aladdin.’ Amell, on the other hand, gained prominence for starring in the The CW show, ‘The Flash‘ and Amazon’s ‘Upload.’ Other cast members include Lamorne Morris, Anna Camp, and Heather Graham. The movie is directed by LP.

Desperados Filming Locations

A big chunk of ‘Desperados’ is set in Mexico. After all, this is where Wes heads to, in order to delete the angry email that she had sent to Jared. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the movie was actually filmed. Was it shot in Mexico? Or did the makers pass off another location as Mexico?

Mexico City

Filming for ‘Desperados’ was actually carried out in Mexico. That is how the movie manages to nail its setting rather accurately. Within Mexico, filming was carried out in Mexico City and Cabo San Lucas, according to local sources. Have a look at these photos uploaded by LP which confirm that fact:

Within Mexico City, one of the places where filming was carried out was Coyoacan. Apparently, filming was carried out inside a hospital there. HMG hospital is a major hospital in Coyoacan and it can be speculated (not fully confirmed) that filming was carried out here. This was also indicated by one of LP’s posts. Have a look:

Filming also took place in Cuernavaca International Airport in Temixco, Mexico. Take a look:

Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos from the movie:

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