Dexter: Origins Starts Filming in Los Angeles in June

The filming of Showtime’s crime drama series ‘Dexter: Origins’ is set to begin in Los Angeles, California, in June. The series serves as a prequel to ‘Dexter’ and its sequel ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ Clyde Phillips, who developed the latter show, is the showrunner of the upcoming prequel. The franchise is based on Jeff Lindsay’s ‘Dexter’ book series.

Set in Miami, the prequel dives into the formative years of Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall in both shows), following his tenure with the Miami Metro Police Department and chronicling his evolution into the infamous serial killer depicted in the original ‘Dexter’ series. The show may begin with Dexter’s graduation from college and his induction into the police force. Dexter’s father Harry and his sister Deb are integral parts of the narrative, offering insights into the familial dynamics that shaped the former’s life journey.

James Remar portrayed Harry Morgan in the original series, a police officer who found Dexter as a baby at a crime scene. Recognizing Dexter’s potential for violence, Harry guided him to channel his impulses into a strict code of conduct, which serves as a guiding voice in Dexter’s mind. Deb, played by Jennifer Carpenter, emulates her father’s dedication to law enforcement, but her world is upended when she uncovers Dexter’s hidden identity, leading to a profound shift in her life.

According to reports, ‘Origins’ will also integrate narratives involving real-life serial killers from the corresponding time frame, which most likely will be the 1980s. This choice aligns with the timeline of the original series, which premiered in 2006. Serial killers such as Eddie Lee Mosley and Manuel Pardo were present in the Miami region during the same period.

Showrunner Clyde Phillips stated he “couldn’t be more excited” about exploring the Dexter universe once again. “It’s a privilege to contemplate going even deeper with these complex and iconic characters—and the stories, themes, and possibilities they inspire,” he added. His recent credits include projects such as ‘Feed the Beast’ and ‘Nurse Jackie.’

The cast of the show is currently under wraps. Given that ‘Origins’ is a prequel, we may not need to expect familiar faces from the first two shows in the upcoming series as the characters will be depicted at a younger age.

Los Angeles, where the filming of the prequel is set to start, is also a significant location of the original ‘Dexter’ series. The region previously hosted the production of shows such as ‘True Detective’ and ‘Criminal Minds.’

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