Did Allan Gore Help Candy in the Murder?

Image Credit: Jake Giles Netter/HBO Max

HBO Max’s ‘Love and Death’ tells the story of Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore, who indulge in a brief affair during a dull patch in their respective marriages. This leads to a series of events that ends with the brutal murder of Allan’s wife, Betty Gore. As the investigation into the case ensues, the cops find out about the affair, which makes them reconsider things in a new light. At first, they didn’t think Allan had to do anything with it, but when the truth about the affair comes to light, they consider the possibility of his involvement. Does this mean he planned his wife’s murder with Candy? Let’s find out.

Allan’s Solid Alibi: He Was Out of Town

Image Credit: Jake Giles Netter/HBO Max

No, Allan Gore did not help Candy Montgomery to kill his wife. At the time of the murder, Allan was out of town and didn’t return until after discovering his wife was dead. He loved Betty and was heartbroken to find out she was killed. When the cops asked him about any affairs that he or Betty might have had, he could have lied about his affair with Candy. No one knew about it, and he could have gotten away with it, saving his reputation. However, he decided to tell the truth, worried that keeping things from the cops might hinder the investigation. In the end, it was his confession that led to Candy’s arrest.

Allan told the police that Candy had been at his house with Betty that day. She was the last person to see his wife, which made her the most obvious suspect in the case. She had the opportunity, but what was her motive? Why would Candy want to kill Betty? This was answered when Allan came clean about the affair. With this information, they did not doubt that Candy Montgomery killed Betty Gore. However, it didn’t escape their attention that Allan could have been involved in the murder.

Clearly, Allan didn’t kill his wife with his own hands. He was miles away and constantly called his home and then his neighbors. His alibi was ironclad. However, it could be that he had planned things that way. He left home, tipping off the murderer his wife would be alone at home. This way, he could wash his hands off the whole thing and finish the job. The cops wondered if he and Candy collaborated this way because they wanted to be with each other and needed to get Betty out of the way.

Image Credit: Jake Giles Netter/HBO Max

They had Allan take a polygraph to cross off the possibilities from the list. In addition, there was nothing to link him to the crime. Allan revealed that their affair had mutually ended around 8-9 months ago. Both he and Candy wanted to continue with their marriage. None of them considered divorce, so there was no point in getting Betty out of the way. Essentially, there was no motive for Allan to kill his wife.

Ultimately, the whole thing came down to Candy, and the cops removed Allan from the list of suspects. They wondered if Candy was still in love with Allan and killed Betty out of jealousy. Eventually, it was revealed that Candy never intended to kill Betty. When the affair ended, she and Pat started to focus on their marriage and even attended Marriage Encounter. Things had been going well for them, and she maintained a friendship with Allan and Betty.

Somehow, Betty found out about the affair and confronted her. Candy accepted in the court that she had killed Betty, but she wasn’t the first one to pick up the axe that would become the murder weapon. She also got brutal in the act because she snapped, owing to a childhood trauma triggered by Betty shushing her. She regretted everything as soon as it happened. Her explanation didn’t satisfy everyone, but one thing was clear. Allan didn’t have anything to do with Betty’s death.

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