Did Aneesha Joshi’s Padma Leave The Resident?

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

The sixth season of FOX’s medical seriesThe Resident’ follows the aftermath of Padma Devi’s delivery of her and August Jeremiah “AJ/The Raptor” Austin’s twins. Although she expects the bliss of motherhood upon leaving Chastain, Padma gets forced to confront the challenges of being a single mother. Unable to look after two babies at the same time, she breaks down in front of AJ, who tries his best to help her in any way he can.

In the ninth episode of the season, AJ gives Padma a day off to relax without worrying about her two kids. However, Padma disappears, leaving AJ worried about her. If you are trying to make sense of the startling cliffhanger of the episode, let us share what we think about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where is Padma?

In the ninth episode of the sixth season, AJ takes his and Padma’s two boys to Chastain so that Padma can relax without the obligations of a mother. Padma informs AJ that she will come back in the night so that he can take the boys back to her. After a busy day in the OR, AJ returns to Padma’s house, only to realize that she hasn’t come back yet although it’s late. Even though AJ must be fearing the worst, Padma must be dealing with the stress associated with motherhood and postpartum depression. Padma most likely must be at her sister Leela Devi’s house.

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

Throughout her life, Padma has sought comfort and clarity in Leela, who has helped her overcome several challenges. Padma must be rattled by the realization that she wants to be away from her babies, which may have led her to Leela. Since Leela also has a busy day at Chastain like AJ, she must have taken her time to return to her home, likely making Padma wait for her. If that’s not the case, Padma must have gone to a bar to relax. She must have gotten drunk enough to forget about her tensions and concerns, making her unaware of the time that has passed.

It is unlikely that Padma has gone for good, leaving her two sons with AJ. Although the babies are not helping her anyway, she may not want to abandon them. Even if she decides to run away, as a mother, she may not be able to go far. Thus, we can expect Padma to get back to her sons soon. Padma’s disappearance, most likely short-lived, may make AJ and Leela realize that they should help Padma more than they are helping for the time being. Her possible temporary absence may teach AJ that he should step up as the boys’ father to share more responsibilities with Padma, especially after making it clear that he cannot be a namesake father to the twins.

Aneesha Joshi is Likely Not Leaving The Resident

As of now, neither FOX nor Aneesha Joshi released a statement regarding the actress’ departure from ‘The Resident.’ Padma’s post-partum depression is an integral storyline of the sixth season of the show and it is unlikely that Joshi will leave when the same has just begun to progress. “There’s some postpartum issues for Padma, and that’s another fantastic medical story to tell,” co-creator of the show Amy Holden Jones told TVLine about what’s ahead for Padma. “And how does Raptor cope with them? How does a full-time surgeon who loves his work, who didn’t plan originally to be a father — like all surgeons, how do they cope with parenthood?” Jones added.

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

Jones’ words indicate that there most likely is more to happen in Padma’s storyline and since Joshi hasn’t expressed any desire to leave the show, we can hope that the storyline will not involve the missing Padma. We may see AJ finding out where Padma has been in the tenth episode of the season and assuring her of his support and time so that she won’t need to fight her depression alone. Padma’s disappearance might have been conceived to portray the seriousness of her predicament rather than as an indication of Joshi’s supposed departure. Considering these factors, we believe that Joshi will most likely continue to be featured in ‘The Resident.’

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