Does Dr. Ian Leave for Rehab? Is Andrew McCarthy Leaving The Resident?

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The sixth season of FOX’s medical seriesThe Resident’ depicts Dr. Ian Sullivan becoming an integral part of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. As one of the best pediatric surgeons in the country and an invaluable fundraiser for the hospital, Ian helps Dr. Kit Voss immensely as the CEO deals with the troubles created by Georgia‘s new Governor Mark Betz. However, Ian’s usage of prescription drugs affects his ability to treat patients safely. In the eighth episode of the season, a major development concerning his addiction challenges the doctor’s stay in Chastain. So, does Ian leave the hospital to deal with his addiction? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Dr. Ian Sullivan Leave for Rehab?

In the eighth episode of season 6, Ian starts to see patients again at Chastain after a break. He asks his daughter Kincaid “Cade” Sullivan about any surgeries that would need his expertise so that he can get into the OR to steal propranolol. Since August Jeremiah “AJ/The Raptor” Austin and Billie Sutton take care of the surgery of an overdosed patient, Ian has to sneak into the OR later to steal the drug bottle. As he does that, a staff member sees and warns him about his suspicious behavior. Ian realizes that he cannot continue stealing the drugs from the OR since he will not be able to never perform another surgery if he is reported.

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Thus, Ian seeks the help of Cade and asks her to prescribe drugs for him. He asks her to decrease the dosage for him to get better slowly but Cade doesn’t comply. She makes it clear that rehab is the only option in front of him. She even lets him know that if he doesn’t agree to leave for rehab, she will report his addiction to Kit, which will pave the way for severe consequences. Ian knows that Cade will be ruthless with him if he doesn’t agree to do what she demands. Thus, Ian chooses to deal with his addiction by getting admitted to a rehabilitation center.

Ian has sacrificed his entire life and his relationship with his family members to be a superstar surgeon. He doesn’t want to ruin his reputation and career as a surgeon by doing anything foolish. As a father, he also knows that he cannot convince Cade to go easy on him, which can also be the reason why he asks for her help. Therefore, to protect his career and stardom, Ian leaves for a rehabilitation center. Does that mean we have seen the last of Andrew McCarthy in the medical drama? Let’s see.

Is Andrew McCarthy Leaving The Resident?

As of yet, neither FOX nor Andrew McCarthy has released any announcement regarding the actor’s departure from ‘The Resident.’ Ian leaving for a rehabilitation center can be the beginning of a new storyline rather than an indication of McCarthy’s supposed exit from the show. In the upcoming episodes of the show, we may see Cade taking care of her father as he fights against his drug addiction.

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According to co-creator Amy Holden Jones, Cade Ian and Cade’s father-daughter relationship is an integral part of season 6. “The journey of the family member who wants to save their other family member is a really excruciating one and a heartrending one, and also can be a hopeful one,” Jones told TVLine. “Who you can save and who you can’t is one of the themes of the season, because you can’t ultimately save everyone, in a hospital or in life. How far do you go to save them? What can you do? And generally at Chastain, our doctors go to the very end to save people,” she added.

Jones’ words indicate that Ian and Cade may have only started an intriguing and personal journey. In addition, the personal crises the characters of the show confront are a significant part of the show. We can expect Ian and Cade to have considerable screentime in the season as Dr. Randolph Bell and Kit have in the show’s fifth season while Bell deals with multiple sclerosis. Considering that McCarthy was promoted to the main cast of the season from a recurring capacity, we believe that the actor will most likely continue featuring in the show.

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