Did Brandon Jay McLaren’s Elijah Stone Return to The Rookie?

ABC’s police procedural seriesThe Rookie’ never fails to offer intriguing antagonists and their engrossing tales. From the cold-blooded serial killer Rosalind Dyer to her protégé Caleb Wright, these characters succeed in captivating the viewers. However, if we have to choose one stand out among them, it has to be Elijah Stone, the crime lord who rules the city of Los Angeles, until Wesley Evers betrays him by building a case against him with the help of his wife Angela Lopez. The eleventh episode of the fifth season follows the LAPD’s efforts to regulate the gangs that try to occupy the space left behind by Elijah’s disappearance. Since he is mentioned several times in the episode, the admirers of the show may want to know whether the character is back in the crime drama. Here’s what we can share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where is Elijah Stone?

The fourth season of the show follows Wesley Evers’ efforts to bring down the empire and the authority of Elijah Stone as his lawyer. Upon learning about the crimes committed by Elijah, Wesley comes clean to his wife Angela Lopez, who builds a case against the gangster. However, in the fifth season of the show, Elijah’s new lawyer Monica makes it clear that the testimonies and evidence of Wesley and Lopez cannot be permissible in court since they have been involved in the case not just as a lawyer and cop but also as a husband and wife. Monica questions the credibility of the same and wins the case for her client.

Elijah returns to Wesley’s life as the former threatens to “take care” of the latter. Without any other way, the lawyer expresses his apology towards Elijah in public, and the cases against the crime lord get dropped. Elijah becomes a free man in the city of Los Angeles. Upon gaining his freedom, the crime lord disappears from the city completely and the space that’s created due to his absence becomes up for grabs. In the eleventh episode of the season, two gangsters fight each other for replacing Elijah in the City of Angels, further troubling the LAPD.

As Angela and Nyla Harper worry about the future of the crime scene of the city, a significant revelation concerning Elijah startles them. So, can we expect another Elijah Stone storyline in the rest of the fifth season of the show? Let’s find out.

Brandon Jay McLaren Makes a Reappearance

Yes, Brandon Jay McLaren did return to ‘The Rookie’ as Elijah Stone. In the eleventh episode of the fifth season, two rival gangs fight each other to become the single most powerful gang in Los Angeles. Angela and Harper investigate the gangs’ actions and realize that they are tricked to fight each other and the LAPD has been playing a role in the predicament. Angela returns to her source and demands the truth concerning the information they received regarding the two gangs, only for the young man to let Angela know that the whole affair is Elijah’s doing.

At the end of the episode, Elijah returns as he is ready to reclaim his infamous throne at the crime scene of the city. Due to Wesley’s actions and the subsequent legal troubles, Elijah must have been forced to stay off the grid for a while. Now that his two competitors or rivals have attacked each other, Elijah can walk into the city and regain his authority with nobody potent enough to challenge him. Elijah’s return threatens the lives of Wesley and Angela as Harper makes it clear to her superior Wade Grey. In the upcoming episodes of the show, we can expect Angela’s colleagues to protect her and her husband from the horrifying gangster.

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