Did Camille Leave Emily in Paris? Will Camille Razat be Back in Season 4?

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The third season of Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris’ begins with the aftermath of Camille and Gabriel’s reconciliation as a couple. Although Camille expects to cherish their togetherness, she witnesses Gabriel barely having any time off from his restaurant to spend the same with her. While the chef prioritizes his professional obligations, Camille gets into an affair with Sofia, an artist whose installation is displayed in Camille’s art gallery. The engrossing third season ends with an astounding development that leaves the viewers clueless about Camille’s future in the show. If you are worried about the possibility of having seen the last of Camille Razat in the romantic drama, let us help you make sense of the character’s fate! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Camille?

Although Camille reunites with Gabriel, she never gets the attention and priority she seeks from the latter, which leads her to find the same in others. Camille reciprocates Sofia’s interest in her and they start to see each other regularly. However, out of the blue, Camille returns to Gabriel and expresses her wish to marry him. In the tenth episode of the third season, Gabriel and Camille celebrate their engagement, only for the former to come to know that he may get awarded a Michelin star. The chef proposes marriage to Camille then and there and they even reach the altar to get married.

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However, Camille realizes that she doesn’t love Gabriel enough to marry him. She reunites with him only to stop Emily from winning him from her. Now that she can think about a future with Sofia, Camille doesn’t want to continue dealing with the consequences of a mistake. She reminds Gabriel how he loves Emily and breaks up with him. Since Camille and Gabriel aren’t together anymore, one cannot rule out the possibility of her getting together with Sofia and leaving for Greece. Since Camille may not want to face Emily or Gabriel for the time being, she most likely will leave Paris. Does that mean Camille Razat left the show? Wouldn’t we see her feature in the already-announced season 4? Let’s see.

Camille Razat is Most Likely to Continue Her Role in Emily in Paris Season 4

As of yet, neither Netflix nor Camille Razat has announced the actress’ departure from ‘Emily in Paris,’ indicating that Camille’s arc may haven’t concluded just yet. Although Camille breaks up with Gabriel, she is the mother of his unborn baby, which makes her an inevitable presence in his life. Even if Emily and Gabriel decide to get together, Camille may come in between them with the child. Considering the lack of any announcement regarding Razat’s supposed departure and the scope Camille still possesses, we believe that the actress most likely will continue featuring in ‘Emily in Paris.’

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Since the third season ends with Gabriel letting Emily know that Camille is pregnant, we can expect the fourth season to follow the aftermath of the same. Camille’s pregnancy may also come in between her dream of uniting with Sofia. The fourth season of the show may depict the aftermath of the artist likely knowing about Camille’s pregnancy and how Sofia’s decisions concerning their relationship will affect Camille’s future. If Sofia decides against getting together with Camille, Gabriel may extend his support for the latter since she is the mother of his child. Considering these potential storylines, the writers of the series most likely won’t want to write off Camille, paving the way for Razat’s supposed exit from the series.

In addition, Razat hasn’t expressed any desire to leave the romantic drama, which adds to the chances of Camille featuring in the fourth season of the show. Thus, we can expect the tensions between Emily, Gabriel, and Camille to increase as the show progresses.

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