Will Camille and Sofia End Up Together in Emily in Paris? Theories

Image Credit: Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

The tenth and final episode of the second season of Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris’ depicts the astounding reconciliation of Gabriel and Camille. Although Camille has made a pact with Emily Cooper to not be with her ex-boyfriend, she breaks the same to gain him back. Gabriel and Camille’s togetherness gets affected by the arrival of Sofia Sideris, an artist whose installation is displayed in the art gallery where Camille works. Sofia and Camille form an intimate and strong connection, making the viewers eager to know more about their relationship. Well, here are our thoughts about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Camille and Sofia’s Relationship: Will it Last?

Camille meets Sofia for the first time when she fails to cherish her reunion with Gabriel, especially due to the chef’s commitment to his restaurant. Sofia hits on Camille and the latter reciprocates the interest. It doesn’t take long for them to commence an intimate affair. Camille uses the excuse of her professional obligations to leave for Greece with Sofia. However, their time together gets shortened when Camille comes to know that she is pregnant. She rushes to Paris to meet Gabriel as she seemingly starts to believe that her pregnancy makes her bound to her boyfriend, which also leads her to the altar to marry the latter.

Image Credit: Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

Camille changes her mind about marrying Gabriel at the altar. She realizes that she reunited with him not because she loves him wholeheartedly but not to lose him to Emily. Camille only wants to win Gabriel rather than have him as her life partner and she waits till her wedding day to finally acknowledge the mistake she has done. Since she breaks up with Gabriel, it is clear that she most likely will return to Sofia. Considering Camille’s reluctance to put an end to her affair with the artist, we can deduce that she loves her immensely. Now that she breaks up with Gabriel, Sofia must be expecting to get together with Camille.

However, Sofia and Camille may not be able to end up together that easily. Camille’s pregnancy may come in between her and Sofia’s wish to be together. In the tenth episode of the third season, Sofia asks Camille what happened in the latter’s life for her to suddenly ignore the former, indicating that the gallerist hasn’t yet revealed that she is pregnant with Gabriel’s baby. Since Camille doesn’t open up to Sofia about her pregnancy, it is safe to assume that she is worried about how the artist may or will not be able to tolerate it.

Image Credit: Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

As far as Sofia is concerned, uniting with Camille is also becoming a mother to a baby. If the artist is not ready for the responsibilities that revolve around the same, she may think twice about leading a life together with Camille. As an artist and a person, Sofia has lived an independent life. The responsibilities of looking after Camille and Gabriel’s baby as the former’s partner may affect her independence. If building a family was never what Sofia wanted to do, Camille’s pregnancy may affect the artist’s feelings for the gallerist, leading them to part ways.

In addition, even though Camille breaks up with Gabriel, she may not be able to outrightly eliminate him from her life since he is the father of her child. Gabriel’s inevitable presence in Camille’s life can be the last thing Sofia needs as the gallerist’s girlfriend if they end up together. Furthermore, Camille hasn’t thought about abortion upon realizing that she is pregnant. She even agrees to marry Gabriel just for the sake of her unborn baby. Thus, Sofia and Camille’s togetherness heavily depends upon whether the former can accept the latter’s baby and the baby’s father in their life. If Sofia doesn’t mind them, there isn’t anyone or anything that can come between her and Camille’s potential oneness.

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