Do Emily and Camille Stay Friends at the End of Emily in Paris Season 2?

Highlighting Emily Cooper’s (Lily Collins) chaotic work and love life in Paris, Darren Star’s rom-com ‘Emily in Paris’ focuses on the events that transpire when a non-French-speaking American marketing executive is sent to work at Savoir, a French agency.

As Emily tries to deal with her unfriendly work environment, she manages to make friends outside the office who help her explore the City of Love. In season 1 of the Netflix show, one such friend is Camille (Camille Razat), who starts off as a kind stranger but soon becomes Emily’s companion. However, Emily’s world is turned upside down when she finds out that Camille is the girlfriend of her crush, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). After Gabriel and Camille sort of break up, Emily and the handsome chef sleep together.

In season 2, Emily deals with the consequences of going behind her friend’s back. Emily and Gabriel both try to hide the truth, but Camille unwittingly starts moving closer to it. So, do Emily and Camille manage to stay friends at the end of the season? We know you’re curious and so we’ve got the answers ready. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Emily and Camille Stay Friends?

At the beginning of season 2, Camille is unaware that Emily and Gabriel have slept together. Thus, she reaches out to Emily to talk about Gabriel as she cannot understand why her (ex)boyfriend didn’t tell her about his decision to stay in Paris; however, she does know that he didn’t stay for her and that he’s hiding something.

Even at Savoir, Emily is awkward around her French friend who is her client as well. Eventually, she becomes so worried that she drags her boss, Sylvie to their lunch date. Camille and Sylvie talk about men and their fragile egos, and the former points out that she isn’t happy with how Gabriel refused her family’s funds but accepted a complete stranger’s (Antoine Lambert) investment in his restaurant, Chez Lavaux.

At Emily’s apartment, Camille notices Gabriel’s pan on the countertop but doesn’t recognize it immediately; Emily, in panic, drags her away. In episode 2, Emily goes to St. Tropez with Mindy and Camille. The girls have a fantastic time and Camille is determined to move on from Gabriel, much to Emily’s horror because the young American really wants her two French friends to get back together.

Later, when Gabriel calls Emily, Camille seems surprised. A clever Emily makes it seem as though he is calling to ask about Camille’s whereabouts. She also tries to distract her French friend by reminding her that they have to visit Laurent G. to check on the Champére shipment. She then tries to discourage Camille from sleeping with Romain, her handsome date of sorts. At this point, we realize that Emily is very guilty about hurting Camille and is genuinely trying to give her back the happiness she has lost.

Soon, Camille returns from her date with Romain; she was unable to sleep with him as she’s still in love with Gabriel. Camille asks Emily to meet her at a church she once visited with Gabriel. Emily comforts her friend as she cries over the fear that she may have lost the love of her life. However, trouble comes knocking on Emily’s door in episode 3. During Emily’s birthday dinner, Camille goes into her friend’s apartment to fetch a bottle of champagne. She again notices the pan on the countertop. This time, she finds the initials “GTC” underneath the pan. Camille thus finally realizes that Emily is the reason why Gabriel decided to stay in Paris and is avoiding her.

So, Camille returns to the table and proposes a toast to Emily, accusing her of pretending to be her friend whilst sleeping with her boyfriend. Then, she raises her glass to Gabriel and sarcastically lauds him for sleeping with her fake friend. When she leaves, Emily rushes behind her and tries to apologize. However, when Camille asks her if she slept with Gabriel, Emily gives no answer. Thus, Camille understandably feels betrayed by both her boyfriend of almost five years and her newest friend.

The next day at Savoir, Camille deliberately makes Emily feel excluded by choosing to communicate in French. So, Emily sends Camille a grammatically incorrect letter in French as an apology. Camille’s reply, however, is quite rude and ends with “leave me alone, you illiterate sociopath.” When Gabriel tries to defend himself and Emily, Camille coldly says, “So a ménage à trois is your solution to all our problems?”

In episode 5, Camille’s parents visit Savoir and find out that their daughter and Gabriel are broken up. Camille’s mother, Louise, listens carefully to how Emily came in between Gabriel and her daughter. She asks Camille if she still loves Gabriel; when her daughter says yes, Louise states, “So, I’m gonna help you, but you listen to me and do exactly as I say.”

Later, a surprised Emily gets a lunch invite from Camille. When the two finally meet, Camille says that she understands that Emily slept with Gabriel only because she thought he had broken up with her. After seemingly forgiving a delighted Emily, Camille asks her friend to agree to a pact which states that neither of them can ever date Gabriel. Emily is taken aback but agrees. It becomes apparent that Louise has asked Camille to make sure that Emily stays out of Gabriel’s life.

During Chez Lavaux’s opening night, Camille and Emily end up working together to make peace between Gabriel and Antoine. For a brief moment, it seems as though things are normal again between the two girls. In episode 8, Camille asks Emily to come down to her château to take photos of her father for Champére’s marketing campaign.

After a disastrous incident with Gérard, Louise phones Gabriel and makes him think that he’s urgently needed at the château. Once Gabriel arrives, Camille begins to spend time with him, just as Louise had planned. Naturally, Emily ends up feeling like the third wheel but she is still glad for both her friend and her crush. It begins to seem as though Camille and Gabriel will continue to be friends with Emily because she is now dating Alfie.

In the season finale, Emily and Camille seem to be at peace with each other. In fact, previously, Camille expressed joy at Emily’s relationship with Alfie, mostly due to the fact that it means that her friend is no longer a threat to her own romance. However, right after Emily agrees to try out a long-distance relationship with Alfie, the young American realizes that she actually loves Gabriel. She rushes to his apartment to tell him the truth. Just as she’s halfway done talking to a clearly upset Gabriel, Emily hears Camille’s voice. She looks inside and sees that her friend is listening to music and unpacking her bags. Camille comes over to greet Emily and tells her that she and Gabriel are dating again; the French couple is going to live together as well.

Camille is now genuinely warm towards Emily because she is happy with Gabriel and thinks her friend is comfortable with Alfie. Since she didn’t hear Emily’s confession, she doesn’t know that her friend and boyfriend actually love each other. Thus, even though Camille and Emily are friends at the end of the season, it is unlikely that their peaceful companionship will last. Once the truth comes out about either Gabriel or Emily’s feelings, Camille is bound to feel hurt and angry again.

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