Did Chief Patrick O’Neal Kill Sean? Is Jefferson White Leaving Chicago PD?

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

The tenth season of NBC’s police procedural series ‘Chicago P.D.’ sees the introduction of Sean O’Neal, Chief of Police Patrick O’Neal’s estranged son. Although Sean initially helps Hailey Upton to solve a case, he soon becomes the detective’s prime suspect in a sex-trafficking case. In the ninth episode of the season, Hailey teams up with Hank Voight and the rest of the Intelligence Unit to arrest Sean and bring him to justice. Hailey’s attempts turn out to be not enough to prosecute Sean but the latter’s life gets threatened unexpectedly. Since the episode ends with a major twist of events concerning Sean, we have taken a look at the chances of him dying. Here are our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Why Did Chief Patrick O’Neal Try to Kill Sean?

In the ninth episode of the tenth season, Hailey and Hank try their best to develop a strong case against Sean, only to fail. Even though they manage to take him into custody, they fail to garner enough evidence to press charges against him. Hank realizes that the only way to move forward is to bring Sean’s father Patrick into his team. Hank meets Patrick and gives the latter the entire case file against his son to change Patrick’s perspective regarding the case. Hank and Hailey continue their investigation, which leads them again to Patrick, but only to get severely startled.

After entering Patrick’s house, Hank and Hailey encounter a nearly dead Sean, who was shot by his father, who realized that his son is a rapist and sex trafficker. When Sean struggles to stay alive, Hank calls for an ambulance to save him, and asks for Hailey’s help for the same. Although she hesitates at first, Hailey eventually helps Sean and the duo bring him to Med. The doctors at the hospital manage to save his life and inform Hank and Hailey that he will survive. Thus, we can expect Sean to stay alive.

Since Sean is brought to the hospital at the right time, he receives the necessary medical attention. Considering that the chances of his condition deteriorating are low, he may be able to leave the hospital alive. But will we see Jefferson White again in the crime series? Let’s find out.

Is Jefferson White Leaving Sean O’Neil?

Although neither NBC nor Jefferson White has formally announced the actor’s departure from ‘Chicago P.D.’ yet, he is expected to leave the show soon. Even if Sean manages to stay alive, Hailey and Hank are expected to arrest him since they find irrefutable evidence against him. Before encountering a nearly dead Sean at Patrick’s house, Hailey and Hank find a truck filled with girls who have been trafficked by Sean. Thus, he is expected to get convicted sooner than later, which will conclude White’s character’s story arc.

In addition, Patrick and Sean’s storyline was conceived as a multi-episode one within the first half of the tenth season. Since the same ends with Sean’s potential arrest, there isn’t any scope left to explore White’s character. In a recent interview, showrunner Gwen Sigan compared Sean and Patrick’s storyline to Anna‘s storyline in the ninth season. Since Anna features only in seven episodes of the show, White’s character might have been conceived to feature only in a few episodes as well. Thus, we may see the last of White’s appearances in the show in the tenth episode of the season.

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