Is Tracy Spiridakos’ Hailey Upton Leaving Chicago PD?

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

Tracy Spiridakos’ Detective Hailey Upton Halstead is one of the most resilient police officers in NBC’s police procedural series ‘Chicago P.D.’ She is an invaluable part of Henry “Hank” Voight’s Intelligence Unit due to her experience as a former robbery-homicide detective and undercover agent for the FBI. Hailey doesn’t think twice when her colleagues are in danger, as she has always put her life on the line to protect them. The tenth season of the show follows a tough phase of her life, making the viewers worried about her present condition. Are the challenges Hailey faces an indication of Spiridakos’ impending departure from the show? Let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Hailey Upton?

Hailey faces several personal and professional concerns in the tenth season of the show. In the third episode of the season, Hailey’s husband and colleague Jay Halstead decides to leave Hank’s Intelligence Unit and Chicago to rejoin the Army to track down the worst drug cartel targets in Bolivia. Although Jay reaffirms his love for Hailey before he leaves, his absence makes her stoop to distress. She starts to work overtime only to not immerse herself in the pain of not having her husband in her life. Hailey takes part in several CPD missions without even going home for sleep.

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

In the seventh episode of the season, Hank expresses his concern about seeing Hailey work overtime on a stretch to capture Sean O’Neal as part of a sex-trafficking case. Although Hank offers his help, Hailey dismisses the same and continues with her duties without any breaks. In addition to Hank, Hailey’s colleague Kim Burgess also expresses how she doesn’t seem like herself without any rest and sleep. Naturally, the admirers of the character must be worried about whether the detective is getting burnt out, which can lead her to take a break from the job, possibly opening a gateway for Tracy Spiridakos to leave the show. So, should the viewers be concerned about Spiridakos’ commitment to the show? Let’s see.

Tracy Spiridakos is Not Leaving Chicago PD

As of yet, neither NBC nor Tracy Spiridakos has released a statement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘Chicago PD.’ Although Hailey is not going through her best period, she hasn’t thought about leaving the police force or even taking a break from her job. Even though Hank is concerned about one of his best detectives, it is unlikely that he will force her to leave the department, especially after knowing all about the complications that revolve around Hailey and Jay’s relationship. Rather than Hailey taking a break from the force, we may see her colleagues helping her to deal with her distress.

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

In addition, Spiridakos has not expressed any desire to leave the police procedural. Even in a recent interview, the actress talked about how ‘Chicago P.D.’ is an essential part of her career. “It’s kind of crazy to think that I’m going into my sixth year. It’s great work, it’s a great group, and we have a lot of fun together. Even after all this time, everyone still really gets along. There’s nonstop laughter, which I know people say, but it’s actually quite true on our set. I feel really fortunate to be a part of it,” Spiridakos told Michigan Avenue about her experience as a part of ‘Chicago P.D.’ in August 2022.

Spiridakos’ words indicate that the actress feels right at home playing Hailey in the show, making it clear that we wouldn’t need to worry about her leaving the procedural show anytime soon. In the upcoming episodes of the tenth season, we can expect her to capture Sean and deal with the consequences of the same.

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