Did Jennifer Connelly’s Melanie Cavill Leave Snowpiercer?

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

In TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer,’ Jennifer Connelly’s Melanie Cavill knows the heart and soul of the eponymous train that carries the last remnants of humanity. As the maker, engineer, and custodian of the train, Melanie selflessly serves humanity when the planet Earth becomes nothing but a frozen wasteland. Her altruistic nature leads her to an isolated research station to learn about the probabilities left for the survivors living in the Snowpiercer to step out into the world to recolonize the Earth.

However, the tragic turn of events that unfolds upon Melanie’s departure from the train had made the fans worry over the actress’ commitment to the show. Melanie’s absence in the third season premiere elevates those worries as well. Is Jennifer Connelly’s Melanie not part of the thriller series anymore? Let’s find out!

What Happened to Melanie Cavill?

Even though Mr. Wilford and Big Alice’s arrival causes a series of tragic events in ‘Snowpiercer,’ the incident acts as a turning point for the future of humanity. When Melanie steps out of the Snowpiercer to cut the uplink between Wilford and the Snowpiercer’s system, she notices a snowflake. Melanie immediately collects a small tube full of samples to determine the possibility of it snowing in the cold temperature. With the help of the Headwoods, Melanie finds out that the snow is real and the planet Earth is indeed getting warmer.

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

After proving that the atmospheric temperature is getting warmer, Melanie decides to leave the Snowpiercer to run a research station to learn about the shifting temperatures of the planet. With the necessary equipment, she departs from the train for a month and sets up her camp by the mountains. Even though she keeps in contact with the train for the majority of the mission, Ben loses communication with her gradually. When the time period of her mission completes, Wilford asks the engineers to not return for Melanie. Even though Ben and Alex do, Wilford prevents them from stopping the train and the Snowpiercer unceasingly drives away in front of Melanie.

But when Wilford rejoices Melanie’s probable death, Layton — with the aid of Ben, Bess, Josie, and Alex — goes to Melanie’s research station to rescue her by splitting the Snowpiercer to create a pirate train for them. However, they read a note left behind by Melanie, which states that she is walking to the cold to die due to the lack of resources after collecting all the necessary data. With Melanie’s presumed death, the viewers must be wondering whether Jennifer Connelly has exited the show. Here’s everything you need to know!

Did Jennifer Connelly Leave Snowpiercer?

No, Jennifer Connelly’s Melanie Cavill did not leave ‘Snowpiercer.’ When Wilford drives the train past Melanie, the ardent admirers of the character were at a loss. But Alex and Layton’s attempt to devise an escape plan with a pirate train gave immense hope for the fans to see Melanie returning to the Snowpiercer. To the disappointment of the same, Layton and others get greeted by a note in which Melanie states that she had to choose death over not collecting the data. While we fear the possible death of Melanie to stop Connelly’s time in the show, there is a pleasant update from Becky Clements, one of the executive producers of the show.

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

When Deadline asked about Melanie’s presumed death in a March 2021 interview, Clements said that the character is not going anywhere. “We are pleased that Melanie will join us for Season 3,” the executive producer said. Since Melanie’s return is assured, we can hope that the engineer does not meet death even after the end of her resources. While courageously walking through the cold, Melanie may have encountered a way to escape from death.

Since the third season premiere seemingly assures us that life exists beyond the Snowpiercer, Melanie may have received assistance from a survivor of the freeze. Even if she is dead, Melanie may return to the screens in pivotal flashback scenes. To know exactly what happened to Melanie, we may need to wait for the upcoming episodes. Till then, we can be happy that Connelly’s character is indeed a part of the third season in some capacity.

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