Where to Stream Dil Bechara?

‘Dil Bechara’ or ‘The Helpless Heart,’ is a coming of age romantic drama. It is based on John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars.’ While the tale itself is fascinating, involving two cancer patients, the movie has a special place now due to a real-life tragedy. Sushant Singh Rajput, who plays the role of Manny, committed suicide, making this his last movie. Naturally, you might be curious about where to stream ‘Dil Bechara.’ We will tell you right after walking you through the story.

What is Dil Bechara About?

We are introduced to Kizie Basu, and she’s battling thyroid cancer. She meets Manny, who previously beat osteosarcoma, but is in remission. Initially, Kizie distances herself from Manny, but the two begin to bond over a shared love of music and movies. They fall in love. As Basu’s health deteriorates, the couple goes to Paris to fulfill her last wish of seeing the city.

Is Dil Bechara on Netflix?

Netflix has a fantastic collection of films, and plenty of them are sourced worldwide. Thus, quite a few Bollywood movies are part of Netflix’s roster. ‘Dil Bechara’ is not on the platform, but you can check out ‘All The Bright Places.’ It also recounts the journey of two teens who face personal struggles, but develop a powerful bond between themselves.

Is Dil Bechara on Hulu?

Hulu stays ahead of the curve by making smart additions to the platform. However, Hulu is not known for its Indian content, as it caters to a niche customer base. Obviously, ‘Dil Bechara’ is not on the platform. However, you can check out ‘The Graduate.’ It sets a very different tone, as far as a love story is concerned. The Dustin Hoffman movie encapsulates a coming of age movie and a journey of discovery that ends on a note of hope.

Is Dil Bechara on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has some fantastic, globally sourced content. There is something for everyone. ‘Dil Bechara’ is not available for Prime subscribers. However, you can check out ‘Midnight in Paris.’ The movie explores the life of a couple who realize that the illusions and fantasies of other lives being better are simply untrue.

Is Dil Bechara on Disney Plus?

‘Dil Bechara’ is not available on Disney Plus worldwide. However, Indian subscribers can catch the movie on Disney+ Hotstar, the collaboration between the two streamers. The platform is the official distributor of the film.

Where Can I Stream Dil Bechara Online?

‘Dil Bechara’ is not on the major streaming services. However, those living in the US can stream the movie on Hotstar, provided you have a subscription.

Can I Stream Dil Bechara Online For Free?

Technically, freeloaders can use the trial period provided by Disney+ Hotstar, if you are in India, or the trial period offered by Hotstar if you’re in the US. Since it is just one movie, you should be done before the trial period is over. However, we urge viewers to pay for the art they consume.

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