Do Abbi and Hannah End Up Together in The Imperfects?

While Netflix’s ‘The Imperfects’ is primarily a science fiction series, it has elements that can very well catalog it into other genres, including romance. The plot revolves around three 20-something individuals — Tilda Webber (Morgan Taylor Campbell), Abbi Singh (Rhianna Jagpal), and Juan Ruiz (Iñaki Godoy). All three of them had a genetic condition and underwent treatment. Now they take medication to deal with the side effects of the said treatment. When the pills stop coming, the abilities that they have carefully hidden all this time resurface. The three protagonists subsequently embark on a perilous journey to find the scientist that did this to them.

The relationship between Abbi and Hannah Moore (Celina Martin) slowly develops through the season and confronts multiple serious hurdles. If you are wondering whether Abbi and Hannah end up together at the end of ‘The Imperfects,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Abbi and Hannah End Up Together?

Abbi and her friends discover that Alex Sarkov, the scientist that experimented on them, used a synthetic cell to treat them, even though they were told that the cell came from their bodies. It is this cell that is source of their power, For Abbi, her power has manifested through pheromones, which sexually arouse others and put them under Abbi’s control. As Abbi and her friends start looking for Sarkov, they discover that he had one more test subject followed besides the three of them, and that person is Hannah. She goes to speak to Hannah and learns that the latter is dying as her body rejected the treatment.

After Abbi leaves, Hannah is approached by Isabel Finch, the alter ego of Dr. Sydney Burke. Finch makes Hannah believe that she is an activist and wants to make other scientists like Sarkov face the consequences of their unethical practices. Hannah readily agrees and inadvertently becomes an accomplice to the murders of two geneticists. She later tries to sneak into Burke’s home but is found by one of the other test subjects, who nearly kills her until Abbi, Burke, and Tilda intervene.

Abbi and Hannah subsequently grow close. The group realizes that Burke is Finch’s alter ego, though the former has no idea about it. When Flux attacks Burke’s home, Hannah gets shot. To save her life, Abbi injects her with a serum that Sarkov previously administered on a patient named Doug. It makes a person nearly unkillable, but the pain of all the injuries they suffer never goes away. Hannah is furious after learning what Abbi has done to her, though she helps the other young woman in her fight against Flux.

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Hannah comes to believe that Burke’s lab is a horrible place and urges Abbi to leave with her. But Abbi has become so deeply involved with everything that she can’t walk away. The darker aspects of Abbi’s character are underscored in the penultimate episode when she tries to use her pheromones on Hannah. Abbi has just found out that her mother may have cancer and needs someone to talk to, but Hannah declines to help. The pheromones have an adverse effect, and all Abbi can do is apologize.

In the season finale, Hannah drives Abbi and Tilda to Sarkov’s office. After they are cured, three months pass, and it is revealed that Abbi and Hannah are living together. Suddenly, a monster virus outbreak happens, and Abbi begins secreting a web-like substance instead of pheromones. When Hannah returns home, she finds Abbi stuck in a cocoon.

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