Do Bel Riose and Hober Mallow Die? Did Ben Daniels and Dimitri Leonidas Leave Foundation?

Apple TV+’s sci-fi series, ’Foundation,’ takes the audience across time and space to deliver a complex story about the fall of the Empire. The second season takes place more than a hundred years after the events of Season 1 and introduces a new array of characters who play an important part in the fate of the galaxy. In the second season’s third episode, we are introduced to Hober Mallow and Bel Riose. While Mallow is a conman, Bel is a military commander known to win battles. They are thrown into the ongoing conflict in the galaxy, and despite not wanting to have any part in it, they end up sealing the fate of the Empire. If you are wondering what happens to them by the end of Season 2, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Bel Riose and Hober Mallow Meet a Tragic End

In the beginning, Bel Riose and Hober Mallow are on opposite sides, but in the end, their moral grounds land them on the same side. Mallow was called to action by Hari Seldon, who wanted to recruit him to do something that would break the Empire’s back. Mallow is sent to make a deal with Spacers, who are bound to work for the Empire in return for the mineral that sustains them.

Mallow proposes their freedom by showing them that the Foundation will give them the mineral with no strings attached. All they need to do is sever their ties with the Empire. When Mallow is taken captive by the Spacers and almost handed over to Bel Riose, it looks like he failed to execute Seldon’s scheme. In the end, however, it is revealed that the Spacers agreed to join the Foundation but had to keep the ruse going because there was more to Seldon’s plan.

Bel Riose is brought out of punishment in the leper colonies when the Empire needs him to lead a fleet of ships to find out what the Foundation is up to. Bel hates Day but knows that he has no other option but to do as he is told because if a war breaks out, millions of people stand to lose their lives. He sticks to this as long as he can, but when Day destroys Terminus and plans to destroy every planet that joined hands with the Foundation, Bel draws a line.

While Day celebrates Terminus’ destruction, he discovers it too late that this was Seldon’s plan all along. He wanted Day there with all of his fleet so that Mallow and the Spacers could lock the ships’ journey so they would fall into each other, destroying one another. This means that everyone, including the people on the main ship, which has Bel, Mallow, and Day on board, will be destroyed. With no way to escape their situation and happy that they have basically spit on the Empire’s face, Bel and Mallow share a glass of wine, and a few seconds later, their ship is blown to pieces, and they both die.

Bel Riose and Hober Mallow’s Death was Unexpected but Necessary

Bel Riose and Hober Mallow had been an important part of the second season, and their sacrifice ultimately redeemed their characters. Mallow’s death, particularly, is a surprise because he was supposed to be there 150 years in the future, as dictated by Gaal’s vision. The Mule was looking for him. However, Salvor’s death proves that the future can be changed, which explains how Mallow died before his time. Another possibility could be that the show will find a loophole and bring him back next season, which would also mean the return of Salvor Hardin. However, we won’t hold our breath about it.

The roles of Bel Riose and Hober Mallow are played by Ben Daniels and Dimitri Leonidas. Daniels is known for his roles in TV shows like ‘The Crown,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ and ‘House of Cards,’ while Leonidas has made a name for himself with his work on ‘Riviera’ and ‘The One.’ Moving on from ‘Foundation,’ Daniels is set to appear in the upcoming seasons of hit fantasy shows ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ and ‘Interview with the Vampire.’ Leonidas also has a couple of projects lined up for release, which include ‘Masters of the Air’ and ‘Those About to Die.’

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