Do Buck and Eddie Kiss? Do They End Up Together in 9-1-1?

Image Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

Ever since Edmundo “Eddie” Díaz’s arrival in Station 118 in FOX’s action series9-1-1,’ he forms a connection with his fellow firefighter Evan “Buck” Buckley. The two of them even take their relationship out of their workspace as Buck becomes a constant presence in Eddie and his son Christopher’s lives. The two of them have a lot of heart-to-heart conversations and each other’s back in the face of danger. Buck and Eddie’s companionship has intrigued the ardent admirers of the show ever since the second season, making them wonder whether they have kissed while yearning to see them end up together. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Buck and Eddie Share No Kiss in 9-1-1

No, Buck and Eddie haven’t kissed in ‘9-1-1.’ However, the viewers have been longing to see them kiss after witnessing the emotional attachment they have been sharing for five seasons of the procedural drama. The two of them have been the first to worry about the other’s life when tragedies or dangers hit them. Buck even becomes a second dad to Christopher while Eddie struggles to take care of his son amid dealing with his commitment to his profession. The ardent admirers, who had shipped Buck and Eddie as “Buddie,” of the duo want their emotional attachment to lead them to share a kiss.

“Do the writers know they can just make Buck and Eddie kiss? Like, they don’t have to get struck by the same bolt of lightning, have a flashback montage under 40ft of mud, get shot in front of each other, and be upset that they’re in relationships with women. They could just kiss,” a fan shared. “I’m really waiting for Buddie to have their first kiss, like, I want it to go slow though, I need them to lean into it all hesitant and Buck cups Eddie’s face and he nervously laughs then they kiss softly and it ends with them pulling away blushing, and buck turning to hide his face,” another fan shared.

Similarly, an enormous amount of fans have been longing to see Buck and Eddie kiss in the procedural drama. However, the show hasn’t given any indication that the same will happen.

Buck and Eddie’s Future in 9-1-1

The emotional attachment Buck and Eddie share has convinced a certain part of the ‘9-1-1’ fandom that the two firefighters are destined to end up together. Their desire to see them unite as a couple only increased when Buck and Eddie get misunderstood as a couple by an elf in the second season. “I know a lot of people are getting that vibe [between Buck and Eddie], which is why I put that little joke at the end. Basically, the winsome elf was speaking for the audience. And I’m not saying that the fountain shooting up behind them meant anything metaphorically. You decide,” Minear told TVLine about the same.

Image Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

However, the creative heads behind ‘9-1-1’ are convinced that Buck and Eddie are best friends. “I personally have always seen [Buck and Eddie] as a great friendship. But I think the struggle with the Buck and Eddie relationship is, we write a thing and we have an idea in our head of what the scene means and what those lines mean and an intention behind it, and then it goes out into the world, people may receive it in a way that we had not expected or that we had not planned on, and I’m not gonna tell people that they’re watching the show wrong because people see what they see,” showrunner Kristen Reidel told TV Guide.

Considering Reidel’s words, it is clear that we will not see Buck and Eddie end up together as a couple. Still, Buck most likely will remain an integral part of the Díaz family as Eddie’s brother from another mother and a father figure to Christopher.

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