Do Debbie and Peter End Up Together in Your Place or Mine?

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Directed by Aline Brosh McKenna, Netflix’s romantic comedy film ‘Your Place or Mine’ revolves around Debbie (Reese Witherspoon) and Peter (Ashton Kutcher), who cherish a long-distance friendship for over twenty years. Their lives take a wild turn when Debbie arrives in New York City to stay in Peter’s house to attend a program while the latter arrives in Los Angeles to look after the former’s son Jack. The film progresses through the secrets they find about each other, which affects their feelings for one another. Naturally, the viewers must be eager to find out whether the best friends change the dynamics of their companionship to end up together as a couple. Well, let us provide the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens Between Debbie and Peter?

Debbie and Peter’s relationship began with a hook-up twenty years ago. After spending a night together, Peter grew suspicious about his capabilities to nourish a committed relationship, which killed any chances of them getting together as a couple. Still, they cherished each other’s presence in their lives as best friends. They shared everything that has been happening in their lives as well. Debbie eventually married Jimmy and gave birth to Jack while Peter dated several women but never nurtured a relationship that lasted more than six months. Regardless of the difficulties they faced in life, Debbie and Peter extended their support to each other.

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When Debbie and Peter arrive in New York City and Los Angeles respectively, they learn more about each other’s lives. Peter comes to know about his best friend’s date with Theo Martin and gets astounded since she has been insisting that there isn’t any intimacy in her life. He also knows about her friends-with-benefits relationship with Zen, who is aspiring to end up together with her. These revelations affect Peter and he expresses how he has been growing feelings for Debbie. Meanwhile, Debbie also comes to know about Peter’s secrets as she finds a hidden package in his apartment that concerns her, which makes her reconsider her feelings for him.

Debbie and Peter’s Romantic Journey

Yes, Debbie and Peter do end up together. After witnessing Debbie’s intimate night with Theo and knowing about her dalliance with Zen, Peter finds it hard to suppress his feelings for her. He tries to put a lid on them by trying to spend a night with another woman but he fails to share much time with her as well. Meanwhile, Debbie finds a package hidden inside Peter’s bedroom in his apartment. She opens the same and finds mementos connected to her, the postcards she sent him, her photographs, and several other things that concern her. It doesn’t take long for Debbie to realize that Peter loves her, which changes her feelings for him.

Image Credit: Erin Simkin/Netflix

Debbie admits to Minka that she loves Peter. When Debbie returns to Los Angeles, she meets Peter at the airport and they reveal their feelings for each other. Peter lets her know that he has been loving her for ages, which convinces her to welcome him to her life as her partner. Peter has always loved Debbie but he hasn’t been confident enough in himself to reveal his true feelings to her. He thinks that he is not good enough for someone as great as Debbie, which made him leave her after the first night they spent together.

Peter had a tumultuous upbringing since his father abandoned him when he was thirteen. He believed that his father left him because he wasn’t good enough for the latter and the same belief plagued every relationship he formed with anyone who entered his life. Such a belief also stopped him from getting together with Debbie in 2003, twenty years ago. Still, he managed to muster up enough courage to reveal to his true feelings to her after a while but by then, Debbie got together with Jimmy, whom she eventually married. After Debbie and Jimmy’s marriage, Peter had to settle with their friendship since he didn’t want to come between the husband and wife when he isn’t even sure about his worth.

By the time Debbie got separated from Jimmy, Peter got accustomed to the special companionship he has been cherishing with the former. He must have thought that it is better to nurture the unparalleled friendship they have instead of losing her by becoming an unworthy boyfriend. When Debbie finds the package, Peter confronts the need of opening up his heart since she doesn’t give him a chance to hide behind his fears of unworthiness anymore. Peter also realizes that it is just an excuse he tells himself to deal with his fears, which makes him reveal the depth of his love for Debbie.

‘Your Place or Mine’ ends with Peter moving to Los Angeles to live with Debbie and Jack. Although they end up together, they don’t get married, possibly because they are extremely close to each other emotionally to need a piece of paper validating their togetherness.

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