Do Helen and Erik Get Together in Sweet Magnolias Season 3?

Netflix’s ‘Sweet Magnolias‘ is a romantic drama series that transports the audience to a small South Carolina town called Serenity. Based on the eponymous novels by Sherryl Woods, it follows Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen — three childhood friends who deal with whatever life throws their way by seeking strength in each other’s company. Be it parenting, relationships, career, or doing good for their beloved community, this trio of ladies, AKA the “sweet magnolias,” face each challenge fiercely yet gracefully.

Apart from the ladies’ endearing friendship, fans have eagerly followed the developments in their romantic lives and adore the chemistry shared by the many interesting couples formed in Serenity. One such pair everyone roots for is Helen and Erik, whose heartwarming friendship gradually blossoms into love. However, the shocking return of her former lover, Ryan, profoundly impacts their relationship, leaving fans wondering if the two remain together despite the turbulence. Let’s find out what happens with Helen and Erik, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Helen and Erik’s Future is Uncertain

No, Helen and Erik do not get together in season 3. After Ryan proposes Helen in the season 2 finale, she decides to take some time to decide what she wants and doesn’t tell Erik about the same. Still, when Dana Sue and Maddie persuade her and her own conscience bites her, she confesses to him that she did not refuse Ryan immediately. Feeling like a mere option to Helen, Erik gets extremely upset and tells her he cannot be with her anymore, whether as a friend or more. This devastates her, as she still holds him dear and doesn’t want to lose his friendship.

Soon, a heartbroken Erik isolates himself while trying to avoid running into Helen completely and immerses himself in his work. On the other hand, she is unaware of his state and gets occupied with building a future with Ryan. Seeing them go around town further hurts Erik, and he shuts himself off from anyone who tries to help him, including Isaac, Cal, and Dana Sue. Following a chance encounter with Helen at Sullivan’s, he gets visibly disturbed and decides to take some time off work. Sadly, this increases the rift between Erik and Helen, and both adamantly declare to their friends that they wish to have nothing to do with each other.

To take his mind off his misery, Erik begins working for Kathy at Z’s, unaware that she is Ronnie’s sister and is just using him to hurt Dana Sue. There, he meets Genevieve, an esthetician new to town and hired to work at the Corner Spa. Gradually, Erik begins warming up to her efforts, and they agree to go out on a date. While he is moving ahead, Helen begins facing difficulties in her relationship with Ryan. Yet, she is too proud to admit her unhappiness and rudely tells off Maddie and Dana Sue when they try to intervene. This causes a severe rift between the trio, and they stop speaking to each other.

Eventually, Ryan and Helen break up when he confesses that he doesn’t wish to give up his nomadic lifestyle to settle in Serenity. Broken at losing her first love, she cannot handle the pain and leaves for her brother’s home in Tampa, where she finds solace and clarity in her mother’s company. Although Helen reconciles with Dana Sue and Maddie when she returns to Serenity, she still feels her life is incomplete now that Ryan has gone forever. In the meantime, Erik learns about Helen’s breakup but decides against contacting her, even though it’s evident he still has feelings for her.

Moreover, Helen hesitates to reach out to Erik, believing she had wronged him earlier. Hence, when the two bump into each other at the farmer’s market, they remain cordial. Not just that, Helen is much against inviting Erik to make the cake for Dana Sue and Ronnie’s vow renewal ceremony, as she doesn’t want to face him yet. Interestingly, fate plays its mysterious game, and they share a warm moment while preparing for the celebrations, which rekindles old flames between them.

After Helen grabs the bridal bouquet at the ceremony, she hopes Erik will move and reconnect with her. However, he surprisingly decides to withhold himself from approaching her, likely because he is dating Genevieve. Thus, even though Erik and Helen have a lot of unresolved feelings for each other, they hesitate to restart their romance because of how things ended for them earlier. Furthermore, though she is still keen to explore what they have, Erik now stands in the same place as her — torn between his past and present love. Consequently, as season 3 concludes, the future remains uncertain for Erik and Helen.

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