Do Mia and Andrew Break Up or Stay Together in Love, Victor?

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Mia Brooks and Andrew Spencer’s relationship is one of the most affecting storylines of Hulu’s teen show ‘Love, Victor.’ Even though Mia initially dislikes Andrew, he earns her affection after reforming himself from a typical “bad boy” to a considerate and admirable human being. They soon get together and Andrew becomes Mia’s much-needed support system. However, in the third season, Mia takes a significant decision concerning her future which threatens her togetherness with Andrew. As tensions challenge the adorable couple, the viewers must be wondering what really unfolds between the two. Do they part ways or stay together? Let us share the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Mia and Andrew Break Up or Stay Together?

Mia and Andrew do stay together. Andrew becomes Mia’s boyfriend when she severely struggles with loneliness. As someone who has been the second priority of her parents, Harold Brooks and Naomi Thomas, Mia has always struggled to find a constant source of affection, except for her best friend Lake Meriwether. When Andrew becomes her boyfriend, she starts to feel significantly belonged to someone. But Harold’s decision to move to Palo Alto, California, for him to accept a pivotal position at Stanford University, threatens Mia and Andrew’s togetherness.

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Mia convinces Harold to let her stay in Shady Creek at Lake’s house instead of moving to California. She doesn’t want to stay away from Andrew and put an end to their togetherness. Still, Mia’s mind changes when her stepmother Veronica gives birth to a baby boy. Spending time with her stepbrother makes her realize how much she craves the presence of her family. She decides to move to Palo Alto and gets forced to break up with Andrew before she leaves Shady Creek. Although Andrew wants to continue being with her in a long-distance relationship, Mia initially decides against it.

Mia gets scared that Andrew will end up getting tired of her while being with her in a long-distance relationship. She knows that Andrew’s life is in Shady Creek, especially since his future as a basketball player is based in Creekwood High. Mia doesn’t want to force Andrew to be in a relationship that he will possibly regret after a certain period. As someone who has suffered abandonment severely, Mia doesn’t have the strength to face Andrew possibly walking away from her in the future. To avoid the same, she breaks up with him before leaving Shady Creek.

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However, Victor Salazar’s speech after accepting the Bravery Award affects Mia to reconsider her decision to break up with Andrew. Victor says that he had to embrace his fears to come out as gay in a hostile and homophobic world because one fears the most valuable things in life. If it is his identity as a gay person for Victor, it is her relationship with Andrew for Mia. She gets scared of their relationship because she cannot consider the possibility of losing one of the most valuable individuals in her life. Victor’s speech becomes an eye-opener for Mia, who embraces her fears to get back together with Andrew.

At the end of ‘Love, Victor’ season 3, Mia and Andrew decide to stay together as the former realizes that their relationship is worth fighting for. Andrew assures her that there’s nothing to be scared about their long-distance relationship since they cannot survive without one another. As always, Mia finds comfort in Andrew’s assurance and looks forward to continuing their relationship after moving to Palo Alto.

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