Do Neo and Trinity End Up Together in the Matrix Resurrections?

The Matrix’ franchise is a lot of things to a lot of people. It is one of the best action franchises out there as well as one of the topmost series of sci-fi films. The movies take some on a philosophical journey, which has led to the births of several socio-political movements. Others are enamored by the action sequences and set pieces. The films are a pop-cultural phenomenon, and they have a narrative that will always be relevant.

But perhaps most importantly, they tell a profoundly personal love story. The romance between Thomas Anderson/Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) is validated by both destiny and choice, and it stays at the core of the plot of the first three films. In ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ it’s arguably the most important plot device. If you are wondering whether Neo and Trinity end up together in ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Neo and Trinity End Up Together in The Matrix Resurrections?

Yes, Neo and Trinity end up together in ‘The Matrix Resurrections.’ Those who have watched ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ know that both Neo and Trinity die in that film. And yet, in ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ they are back. Co-writer and director Lana Wachowski offers a very meta explanation for this. Thomas Anderson is an internationally renowned game developer. Almost everyone in the world has heard about his magnum opus, ‘The Matrix’ trilogy. He thinks he based Neo on himself, Trinity on a married woman named Tiffany he keeps seeing at a coffee shop, and Smith on his business partner. Whenever this prism of reality cracks, he has what seems like mental breakdowns. As a result, he goes to a therapist (Neil Patrick Harris).

It is revealed that Neo built a way out of the Matrix for himself through a modal, where he blended the character of Smith and Morpheus. The humans in the real world, led by Bugs (Jessica Henwick), find him with the help of this rendition of Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and free him. As he is taken out of the pod, Neo sees that Trinity is in the other pod. He learns that his therapist is the creator of the current Matrix and is known as the Analyst. As Neo gets freed, his professional partner realizes his own identity. He is, in fact, Smith.

The Analyst resurrected both Neo and Trinity and trapped them once more in the Matrix. They both became tangled up in the world the Analyst created, caught in a limbo between quietly yearning for what they don’t have and yet fearing that they would lose what they had. This notion of reality worked for the other humans as well, and they didn’t have any reason to leave the Matrix.

Eventually, Neo decides to go back into the Matrix to free Trinity. He is helped in this venture by Bugs and her team and Sati (Priyanka Chopra Jonas), the program that Neo met along with her “parents.” Her father designed the Anomaleum, the resurrection pods where Neo and Trinity were imprisoned. After Sati’s father realized how his device would be used, he secretly sent the designs to Sati. The Analyst discovered this and had him purged. Sati warns that while they don’t need a red pill to bring Trinity to the real world, it still has to be her choice.

And that’s what it ultimately becomes. Trinity chooses Neo and freedom over the make-belief family that the Analyst created for her, reuniting with Neo. After resurrecting them, the Analyst discovered that they aren’t worth much individually. And when they bond together, dangerous things happen. So, he decided to keep them apart but close enough so that their emotions would run high and their power output would be maximum. After Neo and Trinity bond once more, they both seem to become the One. Trinity learns to fly first and save them both. The film ends as they pay a visit to the Analyst and tell him that they will remake the world.

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