Do Nina and Gabriel End Up Together in Beyond the Universe?

Co-written and directed by Diego Freitas, ‘Beyond the Universe‘ is a Brazilian romantic drama film that follows two star-crossed lovers. Originally titled ‘Depois do Universo,’ the movie is about Nina, an exceptional pianist who suffers from lupus, resulting in the degradation of her kidney’s functions. When she signs up for a kidney transplant, she serendipitously bumps into Gabriel, a resident doctor at the hospital. The two form a unique connection, which leads Nina to pursue her dream of becoming a professional pianist.

‘Beyond the Universe’ brings together age-old tropes such as an unwell person, a newfound infatuation, a new lease on life, and more. The movie explores these themes and portrays how the darkest moments in people’s lives can become slightly better, with a tiny light of hope. Nina and Gabriel’s relationship is the epitome of this motif. The way their relationship evolves and goes through ups and downs leaves the audience wondering if the two will end up together. If you are looking for an answer to this question, look no further. Let us help you out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Nina and Gabriel’s Fate in Beyond the Universe

Nina and Gabriel do not end up together as the latter dies by falling off a mountain. The story leaves the audience with a heavy heart and a bittersweet ending. When the two first cross paths, the meet-cute is pleasant and relatable- Gabriel is on his way to the hospital when he literally bumps into a piano that Nina is playing. After this brief encounter, the two again see each other at the hospital, where he is one of the doctors who is supposed to take care of Nina.

As the story progresses, Gabriel nudges Nina to audition to play with the Symphony Orchestra in São Paulo. While she is hesitant because of her condition, the young doctor eventually convinces her. The two spend time knowing about each other and have their share of heartwarming moments that bring them closer. However, it does get complicated. On the one hand, Nina’s condition degrades, and on the other hand, Gabriel’s father, Alberto, comes to know of his newfound interest in a patient, which is against his Hippocratic Oath. Alberto, a doctor himself and the owner of the hospital where his son works, advises him to stay away, but Gabriel doesn’t listen.

Despite Nina’s condition, she clears the first round of auditions, and her relationship with Gabriel reaches a more profound level. However, things get more serious for the latter as his father persistently warns him about his unethical behavior. This doesn’t stop Gabriel from taking a compatibility test to determine if he can be Nina’s kidney donor, but this test comes out negative. To make matters worse, Alberto finds out about this and is forced to report to the hospital board members about his son’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Nina goes for her second round of auditions, but while performing, she suffers from an alveolar hemorrhage. This is a significant setback for the dreamer in her, as she turns more cynical than before. When she comes to know of the inquiry against Gabriel, she breaks up with him and tells him that she doesn’t love him. There’s a sense of despair that both these characters feel along with the audience who roots for them. On the day of the inquiry, a fellow patient urges Nina to understand how much Gabriel means to her and not force something that isn’t natural to her.

So, Nina interrupts the investigation and tells everyone about how good Gabriel is as a doctor and that he shouldn’t be expelled from the hospital. This act saves his job, and he decides to consult with the judges of the Symphony Orchestra and host a special reaudition for her. When all the members and patients of the hospital gather at Nina’s practice place, she plays an incredible piece on the piano without knowing of the judge’s presence. Impressed by the spectacular performance, the judge offers Nina the gig and selects her as the pianist of the Symphony Orchestra.

This is perhaps the last of the good moments for the couple. After this, when Gabriel goes for a hike on the Universe Point Mountain, an unfortunate incident gives him a head injury which causes subdural hematoma, resulting in his death. As Nina grieves for the man she still loves, she gets news that someone wants to donate their kidney to her. It turns out it is Gabriel’s father, Alberto.

Alberto understands how much Gabriel loved Nina and knows there’s nothing more he would want than for her to become alright. So, he takes the compatibility test, which comes out positive, and donates his kidney. With this, Nina gets a fresh start and a second chance at life. She performs with the Symphony Orchestra and even dedicates a song to her lost lover. In the end, we see her climb the same mountain, reach the top, and sit as Gabriel watches her from ‘Beyond the Universe.’ It is truly tragic to see how the two don’t end up together.

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