Do Not Disturb: Is the Netflix Movie Inspired by Real Life?

Directed and written by Cem Yilmaz, the Turkish comedy film ‘Do Not Disturb’ hit screens in 2023. It features a talented ensemble cast led by Cem Yilmaz, Özge Özberk, Ahsen Eroglu, Celal Kadri Kinoglu, Bülent Sakrak, Selen Senay, Seda Akman, and more. The storyline follows Ayzek, a character grappling with unemployment for two years, who finds a new role as a night manager at a delightful hotel.

As the night progresses, the plot takes an entertaining twist as peculiar guests check into the hotel. The film offers humor and delves into intriguing themes like hallucinations and mental health, making it a delightful and thought-provoking watch for comedy fans. Given its realistic exploration of weighty subjects, such as depression and self-confidence, one might wonder if ‘Do Not Disturb’ is based on real events. Here are the facts. 

Is Do Not Disturb a True Story?

No, ‘Do Not Disturb’ is not based on a true story. ‘Do Not Disturb’ is a fictional creation brought to life by the talented Turkish director and writer Cem Yilmaz. Known for his exceptional work in the film industry, Cem Yilmaz has showcased his brilliance in various movies, earning a reputation as a versatile actor. Some of his notable works include ‘The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri,’ ‘The Water Diviner,’ ’61 Days,’ ‘Coming Soon,’ and ‘A Magnificent Haunting,’ among others. In ‘Do Not Disturb,’ Cem Yilmaz demonstrates his prowess by infusing a comedy film with meaningful and serious themes.

‘Do Not Disturb’ is irrefutable evidence that Cem Yilmaz can seamlessly blend laughter with thought-provoking subjects like self-doubt, depression, and even suicide. This juxtaposition adds depth and complexity to the movie, making it both entertaining and meaningful for the audience. The movie delves into the far-reaching impact of the pandemic, illuminating the profound effect it can have on individuals across various professions. This exploration is intimately portrayed through the perspectives of two central characters, Ayzek (Cem Yilmaz) and Bahatiyar (Celal Kadri), each having a contrasting outlook on life and different approaches to overcoming their challenges.

Ayzek and Bahatiyar epitomize the spectrum of human responses to the pandemic. Ayzek, resilient and determined, faces the crisis head-on, channeling his energy into adapting to the new normal and seeking solutions. On the other hand, Bahatiyar, struggling with the isolation and uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, grapples with despair and a loss of motivation. The film further underscores how prolonged isolation and the disruption of routines can drastically alter an individual’s mental state. It sheds light on the toll exacted by extended periods of social distancing and uncertainty, resulting in a rise in depression, anxiety, and a pervasive lack of motivation.

The characters’ experiences mirror those of countless individuals worldwide, emphasizing the universality of the challenges faced during this unprecedented global crisis. The film also portrays the multifaceted problems people confront during the pandemic. Economic hardships, loss of livelihoods, and the struggle to adapt to remote work or online education are some of the critical issues. Additionally, the strain on healthcare systems, fear of infection, and the emotional toll of losing loved ones or being unable to visit them during illness are compelling aspects of the narrative. The movie brings to light the interconnectedness of these challenges, illustrating that the pandemic affects everyone, regardless of occupation, location, or socioeconomic status.

In the midst of portraying the pandemic’s impacts, the movie spotlights the prevalence of fake gurus that have proliferated across the internet. It underscores a poignant adage, emphasizing that those with true wisdom often lack the time to dispense it, while those with an abundance of time often lack the wisdom to impart. This maxim serves as a guiding principle in the narrative, exploring the stark contrast between genuine guidance and misleading advice.

Ayzel, the central character, grapples with the influence of a false guru who misguides him on the path of life. This misguided mentor advocates a way of life that ultimately leads Ayzel astray, steering him away from the genuine path that promotes positivity and true happiness. The film vividly illustrates how falling into the clutches of such fake gurus can dramatically alter one’s life for the worse, accentuating the perilous consequences of misinformation and misplaced trust.

In essence, ‘Do Not Disturb’ is a work of fiction, yet it delves into real-world themes and prevalent societal issues. Despite its comedic genre, the film stands out for its meaningful exploration of mental health concerns. It cleverly uses humor as a medium to shed light on these crucial issues, demonstrating the power of entertainment in addressing important aspects of our lives. ‘Do Not Disturb’ successfully captures attention, fostering a deeper understanding of mental health challenges and the effects of prolonged isolation while providing an entertaining and engaging cinematic experience.

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